What Thanksgiving means to us

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If you came to this post looking for warm and fuzzy recollections of Thanksgivings past or thought we’d be gushing all over with thanks for blah, blah, blah, prepare to be disappointed. Instead, in true Stately Play form, we’re going to use this warm family holiday to dredge up excuses for our own laziness. Stuff that in your turkey!

As those of us in the US are, hopefully, aware, this Thursday is Thanksgiving which means eating more food than we usually do and drunkenly falling asleep on the couch. Sounds pretty horrible, I know, but who am I to mess with tradition?

Unfortunately, all that food means that our dining room table is verboten from having anything other than turkey/cornucopia themed centerpieces, our finest paper plates, and cranberry stains on it until all the relatives leave on Thursday night. Considering that the dining room table is also my game studio where all the blurry, bouncy video magic happens, my Liberty or Death walkthrough is going to have a short holiday hiatus and will be wrapped up next week. I promise. Stop looking at me like that, I’m actually going to finish it.

We’re also heading out of town tomorrow around lunchtime when the kiddos get out of school. The few days before Thanksgiving are some of the cheapest for waterparks in these areas, and taking our kids to the Dells [if you don’t know what the Wisconsin Dells are, consider yourself lucky -ed.] for some water action is usually enough to keep them in line for 2-3 days before departure. Yes, we have to bribe the kids to not be monsters. Anyway, I’ll be sitting poolside with my laptop, so I still plan on getting posts up in the next couple days, but don’t be shocked if they’re written by someone who writes like he’s had a few blended drinks jauntily decorated with tiny umbrellas. [Dave is a teetotaler so this last sentence is a lie designed to distract you from his crappy writing. Don’t let him get away with it. -ed.]

Also, Thanksgiving Day and the following day will be content free. I may try to get a post up with App Store sales, but it all depends on how much time I have on Wednesday. We come back on Thursday morning and have to clean and prepare for visitors, so Thursday is going to be a no-laptop kind of day. Don’t be surprised if the site goes quiet this Thursday and Friday is what I’m trying to say.

Finally, you can ignore my intro paragraph because I’m going to let out a big “Thank You!” to all our readers. Sure, we could keep doing this without you, but what fun would that be? The site is thriving due to the interaction and welcoming attitude all of you have shown in the comments and the forums, and we can’t thank you enough for it. Have a great weekend and, if you’re in the US, have a happy Thanksgiving.


Turcornopia…turkopia? Cornutopia?



Yes, we just call it “fuck” around here too.

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Have a happy Thanksgiving. Thanks again for running this site.


Without getting sappy, I’m thankful for this site and the people here- I’d unhesitatingly welcome any of you to my table this Thursday, or any other day for that matter.


I came to this post looking for warm and fuzzy recollections of Stately Play Thanksgiving past. :slight_smile:

While only some of us here are in the US and celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, I did want to take the opportunity to say how much I appreciate the existence of this site and SP community. It is crazy how many years this place has been a daily part of my life. Cheers all.


Thank you. Sorry I’ve been awol for a large part of 2020. Things are getting better, though, and I’m hoping to start being a part of the community again. While I haven’t been posting, I have been lurking. A lot. And it has helped to keep me sane knowing that all of you are still here and still a community.

Happy thanksgiving to everyone here in the US and thanks to everyone here from places elsewhere!


Happy Thanksgiving, and up the colonials. Don’t infect anyone, don’t get infected, and celebrate what you can as best you can. I want more turkeys than people dead from this occasion.


Thank you for creating this community. You all created this site and invited us in. I really appreciate how we share and play together.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


I’m an American living up here in Canada, so I’m not “celebrating” Thanksgiving but I am thankful for all of you on here. And thanks to @Neumannium for being an inspiration when starting this site as well as when he was on BGG.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you down south of me!!!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. This place has been an oasis of relative calm in this year of BS, so I’m thankful for all of you, as always.


A very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone–I’ve certainly been thankful for this site during this awful year, and for everyone here in the forums. During all this isolation, I’ve been very grateful for all of your community. Stay safe this weekend and don’t let your guard down.


The Year of Nonsense on Planet Bullshit.


Happy thanksgiving from me too. I check this site every day.

I am happy that you guys are still around.

Thanks for the Statelyplay team and the major daily participants for keeping this site alive. Really it means so much.

Without mentioning anyone in particular, I haven’t read from some folks in quite some time. I hope they are well.


Happy Thanksgiving, fellow misfits. Hope y’all had a good one. Now on to Christmas!


I forgot to pop in here for the US Thanksgiving this year, but truthfully, we have a bunch of our community that is not in the US, so this is more fitting anyways.

As I and other of you have said in the past, thanks so much for this amazing community. Happy Holidays to everyone here and I hope that the New Year brings an end to the zombie apocalypse and we can all move on.

Cheers all!


Thank you! Have a great holiday yourself!

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I like that the note on the side of this asks me if I really want to “Revive this topic?” Why yes, I do!

I realized in the past year something interesting about SP and how much it means to me. I find myself often referring to this forum in the same way I do Reddit. While it would seem natural to say things in a conversation like, “I saw on Reddit the other day”, I also need to reference you all. But I don’t say I saw on Stately Play, I often say instead “I saw in my board game group.”

I was really worried when the site went down recently. Would we be able to recreate this place on Discord? Maybe, but would it be the same?

I check 3 sites regularly throughout the day, Gmail, Reddit and SP. You all are important to me, and I am Thankful that we have this forum and each other in this little digital pocket board game world.

Cheers all, Happy Thanksgiving to you all, even if you don’t celebrate it.


So say we all.


It would not be the same. Discord is fine, but there’s two basic forms of online discourse: chats and boards. Chats like Discord are more ephemeral. A conversation happens, gets passed by, and that’s it. You weren’t on when it happened, you can try to respond but it comes off weird, brining something up when the room has moved on. Boards are more static, and more designed to allow for async discussion. It’s, in my mind, the better sort of online discourse.

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