What are you playing?


I pre-ordered wingspan, so that will arive in the next few days I assume Gonna give that game a try with my wife.

Started boardgaming with a friend a few months ago. Playing some Hive and Tak. That was replaced with 7 Wonders: Duel and we started with Pandemic Legacy.
Played 2 games last week for the first time (non-legacy) and yesterday we played and won the first month.

And I need to find some time for spirit island, but that can wait. Or perhaps a solo game this week?

Also interested in FFG’s Journeys in Middle Earth which will be released around June. But with this backlog I can wait and read some reviews first.

So, I am officially addicted to boardgaming now…


Played Basketball after work this week. Didn’t do too bad, but my netball skills were clearly obvious.

Two days later and my entire body is aching from muscles I never use.


Wingspan is very much an awesome game.

I really enjoyed it (a friend’s copy, not mine)


I’ll give another big thumbs up for wingspan. I’ve played a handful of games each at solo, 2p, and 4p. We’ve loved it. Beautiful on the table and fun gameplay.


“Basketball”? Please link, I can’t find that game on BGG… :wink:




Couple more screenshots, including the cockpit if you were curious:

And the manual, if you’re interested: http://www.heatblur.se/F-14Manual/index.html


we have come a long way from my favourite “flying airplanes’n shit” game



And some of us are older than that, even : )


And some even older than that! hqdefault


If you squint just right you can almost see the plane…


Ooh, my favorite game, Dueling Transmissions!


Man, I can’t stop with these:


Has anyone played War Across the World on iOS? Any impressions? I was stymied by Carrier Battles, so my war gaming ability is pretty low, so keep that in mind. It’s on sale for .99 for basically the tutorial map, but if the game is decent I may pick it up.


I’m playing through Darksiders on the Switch right now and it is reminding me how much I like linear and/or Metroidvania games with good set pieces. Other than Zelda, which captivated me, I can’t think of an open world game that draws me in all that much, and the irony is that I love exploration in games. But funnel me down a storyline with cool sets and I am happy. It brings back the excitement I remember from games like God of War, Uncharted, and Devil May Cry.


Anyone played the latest kingdom rush game? If so, any good? I haven’t played one of their in ages, but I do enjoy the odd tower defence now and the


I’ve dabbled. It’s as good as the others but doesn’t feel drastically different. If you like the first three and want more, you’ll enjoy it. If you like the series but want something a little different, Iron Marines is quite fun.


Finally fired up Rebel, Inc. Fun new take on Plague, Inc. but pretty much the same formula. Not a bad time waster on the phone while at lacrosse practice though.


I don’t know if I’m an idiot or a sucker or what, because I should really know better, but I’m seriously considering giving the newly-released Durango: Wild Lands (iOS) a shot. It claims to be a crafting/survival/MMORPG…and its loaded with dinosaurs. I’m sure it’s also loaded with timers and different currencies and I’ll probably be disappointed.



If you try it, please let us know if it’s what you (and we) expect.