Welcome to the Renaissance: Lorenzo il Magnifico kickstarting its way to digital


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Lorenzo il Magnifico is a heavier euro set in Renaissance Italy that is pretty much exactly like every other euro published in the last 4-5 years. By this I mean that it’s sitting in shrink wrap on my basement shelf surrounded by a bunch of other games I have yet to find time to play. Publisher Cranio Creations is here to help, bringing its tableau builder to digital via everyone’s favorite crowdfunding source, Kickstarter.

Lorenzo il Magnifico is a heavier euro that puts you in the shoes of a wealthy Italian family in the Renaissance. In other words, it’s treading completely new ground, theme-wise [insert eye-rolling gif here -ed.].

In Lorenzo il Magnifico, you are the head of an influential family in Florence during the Renaissance. You hope to rise through the ranks of nobility to gain even more prestige in the city, but you’ll have to rely on your family if you want to achieve your goals. Over the course of six rounds, you send out family members to different areas in the city to collect resources, develop territories, build your military strength, and pay tribute to the church. However, the members of your family have different strengths. You have to decide if you want to send out the golden child to complete a task, or the black sheep. With careful planning, you’ll be able to lead your family to a higher status level among the city’s elite.

The game combines dice rolling, card drafting, and worker placement into a VP chaser, which is something I used to absolutely go gaga for. Now I can’t get them to the table. [boo-fucking-hoo -ed.]

The Kickstarter aims to bring Lorenzo to PC/Mac (there’s no mention of mobile on the KS page, so I’m not sure if they’re planning on a mobile version somewhere down the road) and is also offering up a Kickstarter exclusive expansion, The Pazzi Conspiracy. You can pledge for just the digital game or include the physical expansion as well. Either way, the KS is pretty cheap, with the digital+physical pledge coming in at £20 including shipping.

The Kickstarter itself is kind of a mess. There’s not a lot of information and what is there is fairly cryptic. That said, it’s already funded, so the only reason to pop in now is to help fund stretch goals, which appear to be new cards. Are they physical cards in the Pazzi Conspiracy or digital cards? Who knows? The final stretch goal also appears to be multiplayer. So, it appears the game will not have multiplayer unless they bring in an absurd amount of money. As history has shown, not having multiplayer is a fantastic boost to an app’s longevity. [this eye roll gif is going to be getting a workout -ed.]

Anyway, go check out the Kickstarter and let me know if it makes sense to you. Pledge if you like (I did, and I’m hoping they hit that multiplayer stretch goal) and we’ll let you know if any other details about this digital version come to light.


Sometimes I think fondly on the day when I had no idea what games were in the pipeline outside of maybe a Nintendo Power article highlighting a game coming next month. Having so many games on the horizon just makes me impatient to have them all. I mean, I’m straight up grumpy about the lack of Scythe and Terraforming Mars on my phone, but if I have never known they were supposedly coming, I’d be living in much more ignorant bliss.

I know nothing about this game other than that it is pretty hot right now, but I’m always happy to hear of new board games making their way to digital.


The stretch goals are all for the physical expansion, except the final one that will add multiplayer to the app.

Did you miss my post with that information? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they said in the comments that they may go to iOS/Android, but they weren’t sure yet. But that was when I checked a couple of weeks ago, so that may have changed.

I think it’s a terrible campaign, myself, and without having played the game itself, there’s no way I’m backing it. Maybe if the game gets to the table this weekend (highly doubtful), I might, but without multiplayer, it’s kind of pointless for me.


You write about games?


Yes, my jaw dropped when I saw this as a stretch goal. I mean, seriously?


Olay … never heard of it, have zero interest in 95 percent of Euros, and my eyes are already glazing over.

However, I’m wondering if the box cover can hit the “Euro trifecta”?

  • An older white male in the foreground.
  • Who looks constipated … or possibly syphilitic
  • And is wearing a hat.

No one spoil it for me. I’ll be back in two minutes.


^^ OMG, three for three!

This hobby will never change. :joy:


I know nothing about it either, and I also don’t go very deep into the Euro hole, but I found it interesting that Tom Vasel, the guy who through Vasco de Gama off the roof, seems to really like Lorenzo.


Tom’s taste has changed since he figured out that Dice Tower Network could turn a profit for him.