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I am just enjoying the hell out of this. Five dudes who watched Spinal Tap and thought, “hell yes, Listen to the Flower People”.


I get to see this lady play Rachmaninov, Schubert, and Haydn tomorrow.

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It’s no Rachmaninov, but… :wink:

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Oddball Sweedish psych pop

My friends band released their debut album (I did the cover art)

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Unt zis veek, I am seeink:

Extremely excited to announce that I learned about open D tuning, and with the help of an old beer bottle I am now an old-timey bluesman.


After somehow avoiding knowing anything at all about him for several decades, I have been obsessed with Devin Townsend’s oeuvre for about a week, now. The guy is, I’m pretty sure, the greatest musical genius to ever come out of Canada, maybe even the world the last 150 years, plus he seems like a genuinely laid back, funny guy. Please consider, if you will, that these two albums issued forth from the same mind:


If you’re into slide blues, all the videos here where the thumbnail is some beat the hell up guitar from like 1900 I guess are golden:

[quote=“Kolbex, post:30, topic:952, full:true”]The guy is, I’m pretty sure, the greatest musical genius to ever come out of Canada
Pretty sure they’ve already decided that title is reserved for Rush, eh?

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You would say that.

But as a lifelong fan of Rush I don’t say it lightly! The breadth of his stuff is pretty mindblowing. I mean, as far from Farewell to Kings as Vapor Trails is, it’s just nowhere near as far as Ghost is from Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing, and it’s not like his style has gradually evolved over time so much as he seems to just jump from one genre to another basically at will, even within the same album or sometimes the same song.

Oh, and then there’s, uh…Devlab.

One of the proto-est of punks.

If you’re into stoner rock, you absolutely cannot go wrong subscribing to the following three YouTube channels:

Stoned Meadow of Doom
Stoned Meadow of Doom 2
The Bong Druid of Mammoth Weed Mountain

There’s a lot of stuff in stoner rock that sounds more or less the same, but these guys (SMOD in particular) consistently tease out stuff that has at least a little bit of something to set them at least a little bit apart.

This is today’s offering from SMOD, and I’m really digging it:

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I haven’t been one for anything Allison Goldrapp or Depeche Mode has done for quite some time, but you put them together, and it turns out they’re enjoyable again. Though her voice sounds as though she’s been gargling nails–not sure what’s going on with that.

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I have been listening to a bunch of Halma, lately. They could easily be the soundtrack to more or less everything David Lynch has made.