Twilight Struggle 2017 Tourney


What was the sequence of events that brought about European Control? Solidarity plus a Tear Down This Wall realignment?


Cherynoble + East Europe Unrest + 10 ops. That was actually new insight to me that USA can take over Europe pretty easily in the end game with Cherynoble and a favorable event unless it is way over controlled or if there was a danger of losing the rest of the game on points.


But East Germany should usually end up way over controlled. Assuming 4 starting influence, East Germany will typically end up with an additional 3 extra influence from COMECON and Warsaw Pact. Some will be lost to Eastern European Unrest, but Soviets should try to go in to the late war with at least 6/0 influence in East Germany to prevent any Tear Down This Wall shenanigans. Even more if Pope JP II Elected Pope has given the US Poland already…

Maybe I undervalue Chernobyl, as I normally play it for ops. The exception being when I get it with Asia Scoring, in which case it will usually allow me to break the 3/3 battleground country tie and score domination.


After 5 rounds the defeat of the kapitalists of @js619 was sealed :smirk_cat: Well played!


Haven’t seen the ending yet, but this one slipped away from me early… GG!


USA victory over @OhBollox. He made a lot of good moves, but also one key mistake of not dispensing with CIA when he had the chance, and the leaders of his regime ended up in secret detention facilities around the world at the end of turn 5.

Sending invite to @JMH.75


USA victory over @JMH.75. We also did not have a Turn 7 reshuffle, although I could have triggered it mid-turn with JFK and had to think long and hard about which way to go on that.

Turn 8 was the final turn and almost everything seemed to go my way that turn, other than the opening when the USSR headlined Reformer followed by AR1 Glasnost, forcing me to just do some repairs on my AR1. But then played Chernobyl on AR2. I was planning on just defending my 10 point lead around the world, but I just happened to have literally all of the “US takes over Europe” cards in my hand. I knew Warsaw Pact was still lurking in the discard pile, so some chance of it coming up in turn 9 or 10, but I risked it and took control of Europe, while the USSR dismantled my domination of Africa (with some really terrible dice which made it slower than it should have been).

I sent a card to space so I could see his next headline. Then, bam, he plays Star Wars on AR7, Duck and Cover, game over. I think his other card was CIA so no way out at that point. Great game @JMH.75 with some misfortune at the end.

Awaiting the winner of the other semifinal match for the championship contest :trophy:

(@OhBollox I think you have to mark your round 1 victory on challonge before I can mark my wins there)


Well played @SleepingGiant! My other card was indeed the CIA. Because my space race attempt failed, i had no other option then pick one of the two defcon suicides in the end.
Let’s see if I can at least secure the 3th place :slight_smile: I see Challonge is not up to date. Who is my counter?


You are playing the loser of me vs the winner of @geigerm vs @Baelnor!

I’m still trying to understand what happened your game… You had Star Wars and CIA in hand, and spaced a different card?

Is anyone else having issues with notifications for iOS? Mine stopped worked a couple days ago.


Yep, I should have done that. But having Chernobyl, North Sea oil, CIA, awacs, colonial rear guards and Star Wars in one hand, I tried a gamble :slight_smile:


I also had notifications troubles


@geigerm, @Baelnor How’s the match coming?


Slowly but surely–just played AR1 on turn 6. I’ve got a measly 4 point lead, so, barring a screwup, this one will probably go down to the wire.


He pulled off the most irritating Headline phase. I played man in Tehran and he headlined muslim revolution to wipe out all of my Middle East influence so my Tehran card failed. Argh!!!

Never mind. After @mgeiger bear trapped himself I am hoping he rolls poorly for at least one round to make up for it!

Game is super close


Showcasing the importance of the US moving into Lebanon as soon as DEFCON hits 2!


Into round 7 and the Americas are a cluster. We have points everywhere but no real footholds


Yes. Since our game from way back then I have a red angry (1) Notification bubble on TS…even when the game is clearly done and dusted…


I do, too. Red badge with a 1 in it … despite literally never playing an online game of TS, ever.


Badges not working properly is annoying, but after years of ios gaming I’ve come to expect that. A few weeks ago, the actual notifications were broken for about a week though. Fortunately, all is about as good as before now…


And that’s a wrap.

We went down to final scoring and I managed to take a 6 point lead into the final score phase… and won by a point! 1-0 to the us of a.

Great game!