Through the Ages

Great game so far, but it certainly makes my brain work overdrive.

Can anyone help me figure out how, to do that very last step of the tutorial? I can’t figure out how to get 12 military strength.

I don’t remember exactly how, as I did it in beta awhile ago, but you pay 3 CA to take Cavalryman, discover it, build whatever you need for the Tactics in your hand. If that’s not enough, you may need to discover Strategy as well…

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Whoops, I completely missed the cavalryman. I don’t know how it slipped past me; there isn’t much going on in this game…


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I am thinking about this considering how popular it is. Is the multiplayer Async?

Yes, asynchronous.

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This game is really good, but I’m so bad at it currently. I’ve only played it once on the table, but it took 4 hours. I wanted to buy it but I knew I’d never get it to the table. So glad it’s on digital now.

I just played a fast real time game, and I was surprised to find out how the reserve time worked. It seems you get a reserve time allotment per age, meaning you might be looking at 1 hour of down time per player on the fastest time setting.

Obviously I wasn’t too happy about this at the time so formed pacts with the other fast player, then slammed the slow player with aggression cards until he quit. I can’t count on that working every time though, and can’t help but wonder how much time I have to set aside to play a game on the fastest setting.

Damn this game is good, and damn do I suck at it.

I’ve got some work to do.

I finally beat the ‘three hard ai’ challenge. I only ended up using one leader, Bach, despite not initially pursuing a culture strategy. One ai decided to forgo its military so was a whipping boy for all the other players, until he played Ghandi and finally built a military. I think an early democracy and 4th theatre gave me a whole heap of culture and the win.

finally went through the tutorial and played a couple games vs AI. Anyone want to play some friendly games? Practice for Decathlon?

I’m up as long as somebody else joins. I’m not a fan of 2 player

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I’ll play. I’m pretty terrible.


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just invited you both to a game. Not hurry, I am heading out for the afternoon.

If anyone wants to get another game going, I’m up for it–definitely out of practice.

geigerm in-game.

I’m more awful at this game every day somehow, but keep coming back for more. I’ll play.

Count me in please …

@robthomasson and @geigerm don’t see your IGNs when trying to setup a game

Who is the 4th guy in our game? Just a random player or someone you know? Just curious.

Random guy, I did not realize I needed to block that 4th slot. that was the first time I started a game.

I lied, I’m mgeiger9. Sorry. Have a different offline account name on my phone, for some reason.