Through The Ages Tourney Signups

Please put your name below if interested in a TTA Tourney.

Ideally we get enough players for a bracket of 3 and 4 player games (similar to the Terra Mystica Tourney I ran a few months back).

I’ll start.


I’m in!


I’m in. KYakerDude.

I’m in. halfvoid in game.

I look forward to finishing last! mgeiger9 in game.

Add me. Jason1002 in the game. Just don’t make me play too many TTA games at once.

Count me in… most likely as cannon fodder, but nonetheless! JS619

I understand this group needs a patsy, so I’m in. Always will to help out my buddies!

I’m in! Goatfeeder in game.

I’m in too!

I’m in. Strangiato in game.

The plan is only 1 game at a time

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[quote=“irishdomer08, post:13, topic:914, full:true”]
The plan is only 1 game at a time
[/quote]One game with all the players at once would be … interesting … and longer than a very long thing.

Okay … ignore that and just … please include me … “rob thomasson” in the game.

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In for the tourney - zen4one

Tamsk reporting for punching-bag duty.

I’m in :grinning: JMH.75 in game.

Count me in please

I’m in as Thraeg.

i’m in. and this time i’ll bring along some military too.

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I’ll play!