Through the Ages Tournaments (non-SP)


Hi All,

This isn’t a SP run tourney, but I’ve played in a few seasons of the main TTA tournament now and think others on this forum may enjoy it too. Really good / tough competition. I worked my way up from the lowest tier after a few seasons then got promptly dominated the most recent season. I think I’m now back on the lowest rung. :neutral_face:

There is a mid-season tourney that starts July 21. Note, they use 12 hour timers, so a bit more aggressive than normal SP speed. Also 3 games at once. Make sure you are committed to that schedule before you sign-up.

Sign-ups are here: LINK
Rules/schedule here: LINK

The next ‘main’ season starts in late September. Still has a 12h timer (2 days reserve for each age, so you have some buffer), but only 1 game starts per week. You’ll likely have a few going at a time by weeks 2 and 3.

Sign-ups are here: LINK
Rules/schedule here: LINK

Finally, if you want even more info, this group uses posts at:

Discord: LINK
Also on Facebook, but I don’t have that link / use it.

Hopefully I see a few more friendly usernames in the upcoming tourneys!


I was running low on TTA games, so I’m in!


I’m in too!


Practice match @Hardco and @js619?