The Twilight Zone Challenge: Struggle for the Twilight Globe


I’m good with running two, as long as you don’t try to claim victory if you eke out a win in our current game! :wink:


lol, I would never! It would be a momentous occasion, though, considering how I’m something like 0-16 against you!


This was 19 days ago, how is your game going, @js619 and @Hardco ? I am next on the list.


We are on turn 8, with no second reshuffle yet… I have a slight lead, but the game has been close. @js619 had a 13 point lead in the early war, and It has been a struggle to get back in the game.


Alright, it’s finally over.

Hardco over @js619 +34

Js619 won an early IP War, and scored domination in Europe and Asia. By the end of the early war he was at +12. Unfortunately for him, he played Destalinization in turn 3, leading to me taking control of South America, and get me back in the game. Interestingly, there was no reshuffle on turn 7, and scoring cards didn’t get back into the game until turn 9. By the I had domination everywhere but Asia. And final scoring went my way.

:crown: :hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick:

Invite going out to @jason1002.


Lord, did I screw the pooch on this one!


The list seems empty, so I had best start filling it back up again. We cant let hardco have it all his own way

Waiting list:



Hardco over @jason1002 +20 playing as the US +2.

The game was fairly even through the early war, with me scoring US and jason1002 destalinizationing to steal Asia. By turn 4 jason1002 had 6 point lead, by my pressure in Europe with Truman and John-Paul forced him to give up some coups (because he didn’t reinforce East Germany and Poland when I played Warsaw Pact and COMECON). Between those and OAS Founded, I had control of South America and Africa. When I drew both those and Middle East scoring on turn 6, I scored 24 points that turn.

:crown: :hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick:

I’m feeling bad about all these hatching chicks. I’m willing to give up the title and have a couple other people play each other… @Snotty128 can make the call though…


I fancy my chances :slight_smile: invite sent!


no reason for feeling bad but for feeling proud :slight_smile:

KyakerDude managed to establish a perfect line of a dozen of his :surfer: icons to win and close down the Potion Explosion 1:1 challenge.

Holsten was the first to win 10 title matches for winnning and closing down the Cthulhu Realms challenge.

great achievements. you can do that for the TS challenge :+1: :v:
and a “from start to finish” winning streak would be something new!


I was thinking that this game takes a lot longer to play the challenges than the other two you mentioned, but it looks like I jinxed myself, and it will take a miracle to get myself out of this mess with snotty128!


Ive somehow managed to blow from better positions :slight_smile: But its true that you do have a hill to climb


as fascinated i may be by Hardco’s winning streak… go Snotty go!


Snotty128 wins as the Ussr on turn 3 through victory points. All credit to @hardco he had a bumpy start, but then the deck decided to bury him in turn 2 giving him only 11 ops to play with to my 21.

In turn 1 I had a couple of high scoring coups which seemed to dissuade hardco from couping back into the middle east. He made the standard probing move into Malaysia, which I countered with decol into Thailand, Indonesia, Laos and Algeria. This gave hardco a choice of losing Thailand or losing France, and he chose to coup into Algeria to save France. This led to me scoring Asia domination from hardcos hand, and then Middle east domination from my hand, with no US presence.

Turn 2 had hardco give an excellent counter in the headline with cia giving just enough ops to france so I couldnt control it outright after de gaulle. Correctly fearing truman I stayed out of the trap in france and took the country count in Europe instead. Russia kept hardco on the rack with the Isreali and Korean war both giving more victory points.

Luckily Turn 3 saw the asia scoring card scored again for domination then victory . The europe scoring card was in my hand and didnt get played once in the entire game.

Ive picked the four leaf clover icon as hardcos bad luck in the draw is what ended this game so early.

:crown: :four_leaf_clover: :hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick:

I dont think theres anyone in the queue, maybe I could pick up a couple of challengers from the tourney thread if needed


The deck didn’t go my way, but I blame myself for not dumping Asia scoring on T1AR1. After your strong coup in Iran there was no way I was going to convert it into any better than the -1 at that point… Even if you scored ME afterwards with no presence, I’d have finished turn 1 at -5 instead of the disaster -15 I faced. I’ve come back as US from -19 before, but no ops, no Europe scoring, and losing both Korean War and AI War sealed it…

The forum told me I was posting too much in this thread, and I should let other people talk, so it was meant to be!

Well played, and I’ll be back before my chickens drop off the back!


this forum message is a well known good laugh for any tourney organizer :joy:


I’m willing to take the invité @Snotty128 :slight_smile:


Challenge accepted!


I’ll jump back in the queue, I guess after @JMH.75? That should give plenty of time to wrap up my in-progress friendly game with @Snotty128 in which he is absolutely kicking the snot out of me and breaking my winning streak unless I get several miracles in a row. [edit: stet]


what happened to this great challenge thread?
esp Hardco’s game reports always a valuable read.

who is the “reigning” Twilight Struggler?

when interest in a new TS tourney might be insufficient we could revive this challenge instead?
or just use this thread for playing games and some Q&A?