The Royal Library of Alexandria (SP Book Discussion)


Purchased. Lord knows I :heart: me some post-apocalyptic fiction


I’ve read the first two books of The Expanse series and thought they were good, not great. I’ve read some rather poor reviews of the next couple books. I’m looking for a book right now and am considering getting back in to the series and I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the series as a whole, even if there are low points. Is it worth reading through the series to where it is at now?


I am up to book 5 currently. I am sidetracked in my reading currently (reading all the Witcher books) but surely want to return to the Expanse soon.
The boon and bane of the series are the looong character arcs of seemingly unimportant new people introduced into the story with each book. I at least liked the fact that the mystery of the Protomolecule gets resolved and it isn’t a MacGuffin forever.

So if you can stomach the constant switcheroo then go for them. I believe the books are ok.


Since the first season of the TV show covered the first half of the first book and the second season took care of the second half of the first book, I assumed the third season of the show would take is through the second book. About halfway through season three it seems to jump right in to book three, so I’m reading it now to stay ahead of the show.


The Raven Tower, Ann Leckie. I was very impressed with Leckie’s oblique approach to science fiction in the justly-lauded Ancillary Justice series, and the Raven Tower is her doing the same to fantasy. On the face of it, this is a fantasy novel which carries you along with a classic politics-and-revenge plot in well-realised description of a medieval society centred around small gods as real and invokable powers to a surprisingly chilling conclusion. The story has two strands, one superficially a heir-comes-to-reclaim-his-kingdom story, and the other a history narrated by a small god. Much is unsaid or only alluded to. The logic of small gods, who can make changes to the world by making a definite statement but at a proportionate cost to their power, is rigorously applied (and actually, an implication of that has just occurred to me which may necessitate another read-through…hm). Recommended.


I haven’t had much time for reading but I saw this short story recommended and enjoyed it.


IIRC Pinsker has just released a book; likely to be essential. She’s brain-expanding.