"The King In Yellow" Challenge Thread


@hardco Thanks! That was an excellent game–a real back and forth battle. I thought I was done a couple of times.

Challenge sent to @JammaTal


Mighty Geigerm IV is back…and here to stay! :eyes:

Leaderboard and Hall of Kings:
HolstenKing VI
KYakerKing V
King Geigerm IV
King Zebra II
King Hardco
King Jamma

next battle for the Yellow Stone Throne: Mighty Geigerm IV vs Jampooh
order of challengers:

  1. Zebracadabra
  2. jason1002
  3. HolstenKnight
  4. halfvoid
  5. whovian
  6. KYakerDude
  7. Hardco
  8. new entries welcome!

i will keep placing insane losers back on the line for possible healing.
if anyone prefers to stay insane and away, just say so.


new Challonge tourney will come, but i think when the Star Realms and Ascension champions and the “eternal X KIY” will have been crowned.

the Qt3 guys (esp David Perkins aka ananabtilps) are a very creative and inventive bunch when it comes down to event modes.
they have a Slack group (74 members) going with a lot of channels (25 right now). the CR channel is 22 members strong and two very interesting CR events are going on: TIARA challenge and THE CIRCLE of Unfriendliness.

the TIARA challenge is a kind of self propelling KIY mode, and i think we could introduce it as substitute for KIY when finished (and maybe before?)

no bookkeeping and no organizing needed at all.
we should rename it to Crown of Cthulhu :crown: (CoC LOL) challenge.
each player chooses his personal icon (like :bicyclist: eg) and puts it down next to the Crown when he is the “Wearer otCoC” :crown::bicyclist:
each time a WotCoC defends his Crown he will add one more icon :crown::bicyclist::bicyclist: and so on, up to a row of 10.
when the row of 10 is full, a new entry scrolls the row one slot to the right and deletes the rightmost icon.
NO waitlist, first come, first served. just no instant rematch.
when a challenge is announced to be over, the first who sees the announcement and jumps on the WotCoC is the challenger.
kind of roughneck fun :stuck_out_tongue:
so…let me tell you…Jamma is :bicyclist: and wears the :crown: challenger: :question:
hahaha…got it?


@JammaTal Even though I won, that was an awesome comeback. Whittling me down to 14 health from 70 … I thought I had that game in the bag, and you almost got me. Well played!

Challenge sent to @Zebracadabra


that was an exceptional game! we both had “fine tuned deck machines” with lots of damage, extra draws and defensive locations.
for some rounds it was so damn amazing.
in the very end, just when i thought i might catch the better end after all that back and forth fighting, a nasty bad luck draw let my card-draw engine stutter.
well played! grats on the win.


Mighty Geigerm V is closing in on KYakerKing V!

Leaderboard and Hall of Kings:
HolstenKing VI
King Geigerm V
KYakerKing V
King Zebra II
King Hardco
King Jamma

next battle for the Stone Throne: Mighty Geigerm V vs Zebracadabra
order of challengers:

  1. JasonBurnett (jason1002 on SP)
  2. HolstenKnight
  3. halfvoid
  4. whovian
  5. KYakerDude
  6. Hardco
  7. JammaTal
  8. new entries welcome!

i will keep placing insane losers back on the line for possible healing.
if anyone prefers to stay insane and away, just say so.

and anybody feel free to challenge me :bicyclist: for the Crown of Cthulhu :crown:


If I get this correct, I can challange you right away for the awesome crown?

Well, challenge sent. My icon will be :beer:


okidoki. and yup, no waiting list whatever.


I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m calling dibs on :hatching_chick:!


@HolstenKnight has driven me mad again,
so Holsten wears the :crown::beer: challenger Hardco :hatching_chick:


Holsten has been challenged!


Looks like I am Holsten :crown: :beer: :beer: now?

GG @Hardco

Open for challenges :grin:


Challenge sent to @HolstenKnight

I’m claiming :surfer:


correct! that’s the way to go.
but…i hope we won’t have to drink too many beers now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@KYakerDude, what a pity that there is no kayaker icon.
and i guess this :rowing_man: “row the boat” thing is embarrassing for a passionate kayaker :confused:


So true. I looked at it, but it is just not the same.


in my student days we used to kayak on the Baltic Sea and made a several weeks long Saimaa lake district kayak tour in Finland (in 6m long special 2P kayaks).
and i never really liked to row. always looking backwards… :flushed:


Sounds amazing. Never been to Finland but the pictures I’ve seen are beautiful. I’ve not managed to do much sea and lake kayaking, I mainly do whitewater kayaking. My boat is a little over 2m long. I like to surf it on waves in rivers.

I’ve heard the 2P boats called divorce boats. Paddled one once with my wife, not doing that again!


we were 6 persons in 3 2P kayaks.
and yes, me and my student girlfriend (later mother of Holsten) sat in one boat.
but our group got lost (Saimaa is a giant labyrinth. we had good maps, but it’s so hard to see small passages between the islands. the horizon always looks the same: a green wall) and food reserves were depleted and the trip turned into something scary because we met no living soul in 2-3 weeks.
so only survival stress but no relationship stress at all.
i guess Holsten might be happy that we
a) survived and b) stayed together for the next years :laughing:



No dude, but at least a kayak :grin:


not bad, but…that’s a canoe :rolling_eyes:
a kayak is driven by double paddle.