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Also I’ll bet both our posts had a period at the end because of this:



Brown loudly asked who had written this song, and she indignantly reminded him that she had, and wanted to know what was wrong with it. Nothing, he said, and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Brown told her she would get well, and she would write a song. He asked her father for a pen and a piece of paper, which her father handed over, and he wrote something like, Bring me the song .

What in the entire fuck is this whole story. I demand to know what is going on this instant.


I’m buying a shemagh today.


I’m convinced at this point that there are no James Brown stories that actually make sense. This is further awesome proof of that.


Fuck yo couch!


I dunno much about Rick James, except what I learned from Dave Chappelle, but “Cocaine is a hell of a drug”. :smile:


Wait that was Rick James not James Brown.

God, I’m the worst.



Did anyone really think this wasn’t going to happen?


The lead painting is actually of Dave, after a night of gaming. And fluting.


If you mean me, all I can say is “not fat enough”.


Please don’t miss the videos in this RPS article about the “live action” placeholder cutscenes in the Devil May Cry series.