The Day After Ever After: My Third Interactive Fiction Story

Hey guys. Hope y’all will enjoy this one, it’s a skewed sort of take on fairy tales, especially Cinderella. It’s $3.99 on Hosted Games, but can also be played for free one time. My concession to the freemium trend of the modern age.


Congrats, Matt! This is awesome : ) I’ve played several Choice of Games titles, and they have very high quality standards–I’ve enjoyed all of them. I will give this one a try : )

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Congrats Matt,
Honestly I do not know if I will get to it these days, or if I ever will, but I bought it over the app to show my support. Hope it does fine. It 33% off btw.

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Thanks! Quality for HG titles is a bit more mixed than the main label, but I like to think mine are pretty well-written. And this one has a good score so far in the omnibus, 4.8/5.0 on 59 ratings. That’s better than Parenting, but admittedly Parenting Simulator has 3,390 or so ratings at 4.7 so that’s a bit more meaningful given the sales total involved. We’ll see how this one does as time goes by.

@Blackfyre Much appreciated, mate. I do that too sometimes. The irony is I write IF but rarely play it. Sometimes I buy to support my fellow authors but then it just sits.