The Actual Table


Has anyone played Civilization: A New Dawn? I’m trying to spice up a yearly get-together but don’t want something that a)takes too long to learn, or b) takes too long to play.


I’d try something lighter in that case. Hellapagos, Duhr: The Lesser Houses, Condottiere, Dragon and Flagon. Civ: A New Dawn is a pale imitation of Civ games.


Who are we kidding? I’ll make them learn Terraforming Mars.


Surprisingly easy to learn imo


For someone who hasn’t kept up on the news recently, are there plans to get Terraforming Mars on mobile?

I am not all too much interested in blowing up my Steam library even further but it might get some playtime on my Tablet as I heard a lot of good things about this game.
It has been increasingly difficult to get people together for fooling around on a boardgame evening recently to validate a cardboard purchase of this game for me…yet.


IIRC mobile is in the works.


I could be wrong, but I think @Neumannium I has the mobile beta? That would at least confirm it is still in the pipeline…


Terraforming Mars:
still only possible to start an async game when all players are online in the PC version?


Turns out Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters and Tsuro work well with my kids and my country bumpkin in-laws who are in town for the weekend…and as a plus, we won Treasure Hunters!


Good news everybody!

I know it’s from 1983, but it’s not too late, right?

Bad news: there are hundreds of half-inch counters and I just spilled them all over the fucking floor.


I feel your pain! I’ve been on a carb-free diet for a month now. It’s been miserable. My plan was to end my diet this morning with a home-made cinnamon roll from my mother-in-law. I dropped it on the floor between the kitchen and the table. Floors are evil.


I actually owned that one!

I never got it played, but I owned it!

Way back in 1984 or something like that (I think I bought it new at the time)


Man, SPI/Victory … you are OG all the way, @OhBollox. Respect.


Here’s a gem.


From the Catchup guy!


A big week at the table for me thanks to multiple public holidays.

A first play for the group of 1846. It ran overlong at 7 hours despite most players having a played other 18xx games a couple of times. Perhaps the 5 players slowed us down a bit and I’m sure we can tighten that time down to a more reasonable 4 hours. The game delivered on its promise of stock market shenanigans and building efficient tracks in the most inconvenient way to your opponent. I’m looking forward to trying it again.

I also got a full water frame game of Arkwright. 4 players who had played before brought the game to a close in an easy 4 hours. The highest scores were from the players who had the card that lets your factory produce out of turn, which they then shipped for excessive profits. I’ll have to try and grab one of those cards myself next time.

A 5 player game of thrones game came in at a tight 5 hours with one new player. A combination of quick play and low mustering cards probably brought that game to a close so fast. We didn’t get a mustering card until turn 8! This seriously reduced the number of units on the board. We also played with 2 vassal states to make up the 7 houses on the main board. The vassal system works well, despite the combat being quite different than it is between players. I certainly think vassals are going to be better than unplayed neutral houses on the board. We were hoping for 6-7 players so we could bring the Targaryens out, but maybe next time.


Yes! I’m in the beta and they’re updating it at least once a week now…I feel like a mobile release is very, very close. (it’s great, btw. Even on my phone everything works great. Still some weird decisions–you can’t enter your name, instead you’re known by your corporation name–but they don’t affect gameplay)


I haven’t checked this in the mobile version. I will attempt and let you know

Yes. Stupidly, you still have to wait around in the lobby for your friends to join a private game that you created.

The game portion of the app is so freaking good, I can’t understand how they could screw up multiplayer like this. Well, there’s still time to correct it, I guess.


What’s even worse than having to stay around in the lobby to set up a private game is the 15-day time limit when they have the drafting option.

We barely finished a 3-player game in that time. Drafting is going to make that impossible, I think.


All of this has to be the most idiotic, boneheaded design I’ve heard of.