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Looks cool. I’ve been in the market for games of this ilk lately. I just picked up 13 Days, and have my eye on Fort Sumpter. This makes the list, too, now.


First encounter with Photosynthesis, which went from “ooh, pretty game about trees” to “tricky, needs thought”, to actively combative in the space of 30 minutes. Interesting, will get a replay.


Playing with the full rules? Excellent game.


Does anyone have any thoughts on Innovation? I’m drawn to the cards that have names that resemble the Cub VI research tree like a raccoon to a shiny object, but I don’t know if the game is actually any good or not.


@Mirefox I love Innovation so much I’d marry it and have little Innovative babies with it. I have three or four steady games of it going on BGA - I love that it can sometimes turn on a dime, sometimes be ridiculous, sometimes be cutthroat, and most times be unpredictable. Have it in cardboard too - the second edition, which is much prettier - but it obviously gets much less play than the BGA version.

Highly recommended, one of my favorites just second to Tash-Kalar and Labyrinth. Always up for another on BGA if you want to learn / play a game. (Same username over there).


Read good things about this one, but never grabbed it. It certainly is pretty looking though!


So wait, how do you really feel?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I mean, I guess… like a guy who likes Innovation and is maybe a few Ardbegs deep?


I gave in and bought Azul. Hokkaido, Flipships, Duhr: The Lesser Houses, and King Chocolate all joined me too. Damn you, sales. I also got the expansions for Age of Thieves and Adrenaline. Very happy cardboarder.


Found a copy of Black Sonata on the BGG market. It’s on its way to me now.

I’ve also been enjoying various sales on Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars stuff. Amazon is particularly good for X-Wing Quadjumpers and Hound’s Teeth ATM, and I finally got the Return to Hoth expansion for Imperial Assault when it went on sale at Gamenerdz (so, obviously, I also got the new deluxe movement templates for X-Wing and Pandemic: Fall of Rome for free shipping, because Matt Thrower is my wallet’s nemesis).

But the best news is that my neighbor is having a Bar Mitzvah soon. I’ve never been to one, but I understand they’re a big deal, so I can justify giving a cool present. He’s a budding D&D DM, so I’m planning on a Chessex mat, carrying case for it, some minis for his party which I’ll paint, and either a Pathfinder Pawns box of monsters or a 1” punch and some 1” epoxy stickers for making tokens. It’s been tremendously fun to plan this.


I find that gifting game and/or bits or even blinging up your own collection primarily for the benefit of others is quite fun. I mean the latter in a totally non-selfish way, if that makes any sense.


Been looking for a game that was basically Dune but in card game form, after hearing about it. A rare bird, kickstarter and otherwise unavailable, especially outside of the US, but spoken highly of whenever discussed by those lucky enough to play it.

Found one of my grails, chaps.


If you’re not aware how 18xx games work, you can’t just go buy them at your local FLGS. Not many have an actual publisher. Instead you have to make them yourself or order them from a niche ‘company’ which is basically a guy putting them together one-by-one, by hand, in his basement. So, I ordered these three 18xx games last June with the expectation they’d be delivered in 8-12 weeks.

There were issues, but they were delivered today which just happens to be my birthday. So, happy fucking birthday to me!

(I’m going to torture @whovian223 at StatelyCon I with these…if it ever happens)


Happy Birthday, Dave!:balloon:



Happy birthday, Dave!!! And if Stately Con happens on your birthday, I’ll gladly indulge you!



I enjoyed the book, but I don’t know if it was for the actual story or the melding of Jane Austin-like prose with a fantasy tale. I never in a million years expected a board game based on the IP, though.


I hereby dub this day Terraforming Friday.

I won!

I won!

I’m probably think I won!


Haven’t played the cardboard version yet, but it looks kind of low budget? Was this a kickstarter game?

The gameplay is amazing!