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I’m accompanying my wife on a trip in a couple months. She’s going to a medical conference and I’m tagging along for the “vacation” though I don’t really know what I’m going to do other than maybe a hike or two and a lot of reading. I was considering bringing along a game or two with small footprints and am currently leaning towards Friday and One Deck Dungeon. I’m curious, though; are there any small solitaire games with historic or military themes (also that are readily available)?


1066, Tears to Many Mothers? Not sure how small it is as it requires a card line up, but it’s not massive.


The first thing that comes to mind is the new Armistice edition of The Grizzled. I haven’t played the solo game (I only own the original version), but the multiplayer game is quite good.

Also, I’ve found Osprey’s The Lost Expedition to be better than Friday if you’re looking for a “survive in the harsh wilderness” theme. Plus, they throw some actual historical folks in there and actual tribe names. It’s just flavor, but it’s something…

And, the updated version of Zulus on the Ramparts deserves a look as well:




Golem Edition has far superior art. Plan B is getting a lot of pressure to do a Golem version of Eastern Wonders, so I think we’ll see it eventually. The way that the 2 games combine into a third game is impressive.


I remember Plan B fairly unequivocally stating that Golem was a one-time deal. I agree that Golem looks much better and if all the fan pressure makes them do a 180, I’ll gladly pick up Golem and give my Century copy to a cousin.


They also said that they wouldn’t publish the original golem version when they picked the game up from Plaid Hat.

There’s a Plan B employee teasing people here:




I’ll be playing this (recurring) role in December. :blush:


I’m getting into Friday, using the app (had the real game first). I really like the game and the app makes games easy and convenient. The UI in the app is a little odd, but it all works reasonably well on an iphone or iPad. There is more strategy that you might think (or more than I originally thought).


Can love bloom on the tabletop?


Is it going to be a Specter Ops re-skin, because that game was made to have the Metal Gear IP?


Don’t think so, different publisher. He could technically re-skin his own design, but apparently that’s not going to be the case.


Being with a different publisher never stopped Martin Wallace from reskinning a previous design.


That’s a good half dozen Wallace fans incandescent with rage.


I got some Scythe to the table last night. It was a rough start for me as I had troubles getting out of my starting area but I managed a pretty epic comeback and ended the game with a 3-star turn. Final points were a tie and I won the tiebreaker by one. A good evening!


I did my November “New to Me” post with seven new games.

Architects of the West Kingdom is AWESOME!!!

Oh, and don’t forget to give. These Alpacas need our help…


Hey, is the SP editor moonlighting over at Dude, Take your turn?


That’s what I was talking about! I think our editors are trying to “out-sarcastic” each other…


I played architects a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. There was a good amount of player interaction due to the prisoner mechanic. I played a villain who could cancel debts with gold. Every time you fall off the bottom of the virtue track you take a debt, except this guy. I spent the second half of the game building buildings to drag me out of the negative vp section of the virtue track. I eventually lost a drawn finish to the guy who built the cathedral, as the tie break condition was most virtue. No regrets, lots of fun