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Discount on trousers for the abnormally-thighed gentleman.


I’ve always been an RPG fan. I’ve played plenty digital RPGs, many from Japan but a good number from the West. I’ve played D&D digital games like Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Night. Yet for as much as I like the whole concept of creating a character and leveling up, I’ve never played a real tabletop RPG.

I was just invited by a neighbor who is teaching his son D&D to join in their group. Now I’m out shopping for dice like my wife shops for shoes. We will see how this goes.


I got my copy of falling sky. There was a hiccup with the delivery so I bought my friend something different instead for his birthday, and I’ll keep this one for myself. I played through the tutorial and the rules seem way less daunting and complicated than they first seem. The player aids have a large amount of condensed information on them that seems indecipherable, but once I’ve learnt the rules it’s clear they are actually written quite efficiently.

Anyway, here’s a before and after from the tutorial


COIN looks so complex before you get into it. Once you understand how direct and simple it is, and you just need to train yourself to do everything literally and not worry about “So do I do this too?” and just do what the rules say, it’s straightforward. I love the system.


I think I’ll run through a full dummy game on my own to be fluent with the winter process and German movements. When I take the game back to the group it would be nice to help the game flow through these game specific sections, and the experienced coin players should be au fait with the rest of the mechanics.

I played 3 games of twilight struggle with the groups host, winning them all by VPs. I’d like to say a big thank you everyone here who has prepared me for this day :smiley: There’s a couple more scalps to take at twilight struggle in this group, so we will see if I can keep up.

I’ve also got the option of a little homework as such. The host would like to get ‘for the people’ to the table. We had the box out and had a look at the components and there seems to be a lot going on. I had a look on bgg and some people there mention it alongside twilight struggle. My interest has gone from quite interested to rather interested.

There’s also the dream of getting virgin queen to the table, but maybe that’s a job for next month or next year


I did my monthly “New to Me” games post for October.

Got nine of them in, though only because five were played on the first weekend during a charity marathon.

Teotihuacan is just as good as you’ve heard.

Man, I love that game.


Finally got to about August in Pandemic Legacy. It’s fun, but our group have reflected it has taken us a year to get to this stage and we have played nothing else.

It will be good to wrap it up and move to something different!!!


You mean like Season 2? :stuck_out_tongue:


The frankly ludicrous structures of Rhino Hero Super Battle abound.

Aside from that, Flamme Rouge, Terraforming Mars, Obsession, and Twilight Struggle. I may even have found an opponent for Strike of the Eagle.


No way!


It looks amazing, but I would never be able to get that game to the table with my group : (

I have been going back and forth about which Clank to try, and now I think I know (in Space), so thank you for that, kind sir. Betrayal at House on the Hill is one of our favorite games for many years now, and I heart Baldur’s Gate, so I’ve been wanting to try that–it sounds like your Haunt was a dud, but I assume they aren’t all like that. There are duds-a-plenty in the original, and we still love it. Really looking forward to Betrayal Legacy next week. I suspect it may be the only thing we play for the next few months.

Always enjoy your New to Me’s, and I envy you getting nine new ones in a month!


Thank you!

Yeah, I may be taking a chance buying Teotichuacan, but there are enough people who like that sort of thing in my group that I think it will get played some.

Assuming it ever arrives. harrumph

Happy to help with your Clank decision. They are both really good games, but if you’re only getting one and you want a game night staple, I’ve played Clank in Space 9 times now and still love it.

I think our Betrayal haunt was just a dud. I don’t think there are many (maybe not even more than the one) “everybody for themselves” haunts, so hopefully we would avoid that one next time.

It’s reading comments like this one that make it feel worthwhile when I start wondering about keeping the blog going.

So I really appreciate it!


My group picked up Deadwood 1876 via KS, and it’s a competent, if unremarkable, dice-based filler with bluffing, shifting teams, etc. I enjoyed it just fine not because the game is particularly good but because of the interactions it provokes and brings out of the group, which are particularly amenable to jocular infighting.

Much to my delight, we’ve stuck with and loved Dragon and Flagon for much the same reasons, a wonderful sprawling brawl of a game that has seen off all-comers, including Colt Express, and I’m looking forward to the expansion a lot. We’ve been playing it a lot and very few games have withstood that sort of regular play.

Terraforming Mars is still pleasing. Had a game recently where I put together a formidable heat machine, and simply rode it to success, converting heat directly to TR when the temperature was maxed via Caretaker Contract, which is the first time I’ve seen that card used. The way the game allows players to create unique engines each game is quite special.


Played another Time of Crisis game yesterday. What a wonderful game. 2.5-3 hour game and I’ve still played it 5 times. That’s how much I love it.

And I won! Barely, but I won. Even better. :slight_smile:

And then got a play of Reef in. A nice little 25-minute thriller with plastic pieces that you put on your player board to represent the coral reef you’re building.

The pieces kind of remind me of a Fisher Price toy, which may not be the image they’re going for.

But it’s still pretty fun.


Do you like quick filler card games with charming artwork and a light feel?

Majesty: For the Realm kind of wounded (not necessarily killed) Century: Spice Road for me (hmmm…both names have colons in them. Coincidence?)

I posted my review today.


Nice review. That game was a cover game on Speilbox a few months back, I believe, and your review made it feel more appealing to me than theirs did. Have you played Century: Golem Highway (or whatever it’s called)? Its shiny bright gems made Spice Road feel dull to me. It sounds as though Majesty and Century are different enough to me, though I can see why I’d only want to own one.


I’ve played Golem edition almost as much as the regular Century.

Other than components, they’re no different and it’s not compatible with the new ones (the current Century: Eastern Wonders and then the upcoming third game in the series).

I do like the Golem edition more just because it looks nicer, though.

I guess I’m one of those suckers. :slight_smile:


You’re not alone. I’d much rather play Golem, but I ended up buying Century simply because that is the edition that they are supporting with sequel/expansion games.


Managed to induct another new victim to Twilight Struggle, where I won all the games, except the last one, as I used the Lone Gunman card he played to DEFCON suicide coup and make him lose, except Cuban Missile Crisis was in effect, so I lost.



I picked up TFM: Colonies on a whim after getting a new job. Hope to get it played soon (this weekend, although frankly Prelude could still use some more time on table). Really tempted by Gen7. Pantone also looks like a good, cheap bet.