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Just in case anyone is seeking any Sierra Madre/Eklund games:

Anything left over will be thrown away at the end of the year, because I am not supposed to store or sell games after this year for tax reasons. I sold the company to Besime in the first place to try to get out of a crushing tax debt, and hope this new KS will be run efficiently enough to pay off the taxes & fulfillment debts from the previous ones.


I’m half in love with Calimala, which has slotted neatly into my brain next to Tulip Bubble, and apparently Lowlands is in that same neighbourhood too? A game with a fair amount of heft to it, lots of meaningful decisions, and a short play time. Sounds perfect.

Apparently my copy of Root is on its way to me right now. I don’t care, I’m over it now.

(I’m not over it)


Has anyone here played Tailfeathers? Is it any good? Does it feel like a complete game out of the box? I’m tempted, since I have everything else Mice & Mystics.


I’ve tried it. It surprised me, more complex than I was expecting. I’m honestly not sure it’s suitable for kids in the same way M&M is. It did feel like a complete game though, a great dogfight system and one that actually respects physics, unlike the space combat games with banking fucking turns.


I finally did my review of Clank!In!Space! yesterday.

Dave, how do you do this so regularly? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great game I’ve talked about here before.

We also played a learning game of Colt Express at lunch yesterday in our newly renovated lunch room at work. The new table fits games perfectly!


Time to go completely Redwall Racist this weekend.


Jacques meets Game of Thrones?

Man, I really want that game…and people to play it with…


I own it, tried it once with the kids, and I agree with @OhBollox that it’s a bit much for the kids. Had a tremendously interesting system where you could abstractly represent ground combat which let you add objectives to the map. I’d love to dive into it more when the kids are a bit older. Fabulous minis for painting, too, of course.


I saw they had an expansion complete and ready to go that never made it to production because the game didn’t sell well enough. I am going to end up getting it regardless I think. Very nice system.


The should have marketed it as a Mice & Mystics spin-off. Called it Tailfeathers: A Mice And Mystics Dogfight, or something.


I’m hoping Root is popular enough to reawaken an urge for that kind of style and theme in games again, and we’ll see more M&M and Tailfeathers. I can dream.


I’ve been cutting my “aimless internet time” to the bone, lately, but I wanted to drop by here and say that when I went down to the local board game shop for their 40th anniversary sale hoping to find a copy of Android: Netrunner, I instead ran across Root, which I didn’t even know was out. Well, one roll of the dice, 30% off and an early Christmas present from my girlfriend later, and we’ve got four 2-player games under our belt (three of which she’s won, damn her). Very fun little game, and I owe it all to you, OhBollox, for getting me interested in Pax Pamir way back when on the old site. Very much recommended, and I can’t wait to get some higher player counts. Not sure, despite what the learn2play book says, that the Vagabond is a viable faction in a 2p game, but I’m game to try him again.


I’ve only had my copy since the weekend, but I’m loving it so far. We had some tentative learning games and then promptly started tearing pieces off each other. I’m game to try it at 5 and 6 and the art is good enough to suck extra players in, so I’ll get to the expansion sooner rather than later. I love the Eyrie so far, having to try and plan when you’re going to shit in your own nest with turmoil is a challenge, but rewarding and powerful when you time it right. The Vagabond is a nightmare to try and deal with.


Just in case you somehow don’t know, the 2nd edition of Pax Pamir is currently on Kickstarter. It’s Cole Wehrle’s second version of this, not just a minor change reprint.


Already backed!


Posted my review of Raiders of the North Sea today.

Complete with Viking jokes and an editor that’s almost as mean as Dave’s…


Rather than a traditional review, I decided I was going to start telling stories instead. Actual play experiences: something more like a session report but from a high, opinionated level that made it more like a review.

In doing so I was hoping to kill a lot of birds with one stone. I was hoping that by simply describing what had happened, I could subtly nudge the reader into forming opinions instead of forcing them at pen-point. I could let the experience describe how a game felt to play instead of tiredly re-treading the mechanics. I could set the review as a narrative, making it more pleasurable to read instead of a dry critical argument.



Did a review of the very light, but beautiful nonetheless Takenoko.

Also had a killer game of Smash Up today where I had 10 points and the leader had 11 (the other player had 9, I think). I did a masterful play to break a base where the winner got 4 points by playing a minion that also gave me +1 victory point. I had the base in the bag!

And then she played a Special that killed my 5-power minion and gave her the base instead.



Now that we’re in October, here’s my “new to me” games for September 2018.

Just got back from the Oregon Coast from a trip with my wife. We managed to get a game of Clank in Space in, along with The Fox & the Forest.

The table in the room was just barely big enough, but we managed!

Any new games for you this month?