Thank you, Dave, Kelsey, et. al


I just logged on to Stately Play on my PC, which I don’t often do, and saw the lights and snowflakes and the thought occurred to me that @rinelk and @Neumannium as well as the other writers who contribute work quite hard to maintain this site for our enjoyment and it is a relatively thankless task. So, feeling jolly and in the holiday spirit, I just wanted to say thanks!


I’ve already castigated Dave for this travesty, which began in November.wtfdi



My thanks was just a general thanks; feel free to take umbrage at what you want.


Ha, you actually made me view the homepage instead of just the forums!


Maybe you’re not aware, but it’s the most wonderful time of the year, Scrooge.


I am a Scrooge and I am not aware.


I was excited to see the holiday theme when it was briefly up in November and then disappointed that it came down. So now I’m happy about it again. It’s quite the roller coaster of emotions here on SP. Or I need better meds. Probably that.

Anyway–thank you Stately crew for all you do : )


There’s a homepage too?