Terra Mystica Tournament

Any interest in a Terra Mystica tourney?
I’ll organize if we get enough players.

I’m in

I would play

I’m in.

I’ll start a four player game. Good luck all!

So whoever wins this game wins the tournament?

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Let’s play two games and the player with the most points wins.

First place - 6 points
Second place - 3 points
Third place - 1 point
Fourth place - 0 points

Would anyone be interested in playing the expansion, Fire and Ice in game two?

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I like that idea.

F&I sounds fun. Maybe we pick one of the new maps and everyone picks an expansion faction?

Sounds good.

Let’s do it . Expansion can be on the 2nd game

Game 1 complete. GG all.

Congrats, @irishdomer08! Fire and ice expansion this game…invite sent to all

Just made my faction pick for game 2 and realized that I didn’t choose an expansion faction. My mistake!

It would be fun if we all played and learned a new faction. Up for a redo on this game?

If you all want to just keep going w it I’m fine with that too

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I am up for a re-do



I think 3 out of 4 of us can do an expansion faction. Then they run out.

I thought there were 6 new factions.

I thought if Ice Maidens were chosen, then someone couldn’t choose the Yetis

You’re right, @jason1002, I couldn’t choose an expansion faction.