Suggest Forum Badges


“Badges? We ain’t got no badges.”

So let’s fix that, eh? Badges sound pretty cool, and I’m thinking we should have some for tournaments/leagues. What do you think? Should they be for winners only, or one for winners, one for participants, or what? Maybe different badges for different games?


Badges for tourney winners and organizers, maybe participation. Although I might set the bar for participation higher–no badge until you’ve played five or ten tournies, perhaps.


Yearly membership badges would be cool ala the old vanilla forums of “other site”.

Scouting badges for people who post links that get a significant amount of click through. (games on steam / Google Play / the app store / interesting articles)

Badges awarded for good photo captions in the forums for screenshots posted of the game mentioned in the front page thread.


Badges for the top few finishers would be pretty cool. And maybe one special badge for anyone who wins any tournament, regardless of title.


Badges are cool :sunglasses:

I’d say to keep it “clean”, the editors could assign a “SP-official-tournament” stamp for a few tournaments every year. (Something in the design of “RPS approved”)They should be limited to keep the value of those badges high. Also they would probably require some work to design them, each one a bit different.

Badges for membership and constructive participation would also be much valued, as said above.


As counter arguement, badges for tourney participation would be nice, to see at a glance what games people know how to play.


I should probably have started with this, but here’s the list of built-in badges which are active by default:

First Emoji
First Flag
First Like
First Link
First Mention
First Onebox
First Quote
First Reply By Email
First Share
Read Guidelines
Crazy in Love
Great Share
Gives Back
Good Share
Higher Love
Nice Share
Out of Love
Thank You
Famous Link
Great Reply
Great Topic
Good Reply
Good Topic
Hot Link
Nice Reply
Nice Topic
Popular Link

I’m happy to give you the complete description of anything you’d like. Also, this is the badge creation screen, to give you a sense for what options we have:

Badge types are Gold, Silver, and Bronze, and Groups are Getting Started, Community, Posting, Trust Level, and Other.


Kelsey, the first Stately Play Brass tourney was just successfully finished.

gold, silver and bronze badges would be very appreciated :grin:


Late response, but I’m against the whole concept of “participation trophies” that has made its way into modern society. Some kind of badge for multiple tourney wins, either in general, or for a category of games (card builder, 4X, etc) would be cool though.