Stately Tees for Xmas?

Finally got around to finding and making some T-shirts (and other junk) with the Stately Play logo on it for those of you interested.

I’m not ready to reveal them yet, I’ve ordered some stuff for myself and want to make sure it’s not crap before I send anyone else off to spend their $. I should have it by early next week, though, so I’ll post a link if I think it’s adequate.

The perfect Xmas gift for…oh, who am I kidding?

(And no, that’s not me. I’m much sexier with more tattoos.)

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Sold. Please God let them reach us in Brexitannia.

Oooo, I want that! Are they available for Hanukah too? :wink:

Consider this my request for a long sleeve and / or baseball tee too. And please, no loose necks.

And please, no loose necks.

It’s unavoidable with age. I can recommend a cravat.


If you did an inverse (black t-shirt, white pawn, black tie) I’d buy it in a second. I just don’t do white tees.


I’ll see about uploading an inverse one, too.

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Just to add to the peanut gallery, can we get the logo on the back and the website on the right chest? And even with the large front logo, slap that website on the back too. And… AND! bang out a long sleeve with the chess piece on the front and the website down a sleeve. Stroke of genius.

Hmm. Not with the site I was using. At least I don’t think so.

I’ll keep trying to figure this out.

I’m googling as hard as I can but not having much luck. Such things must exist, not only because I really really really want them to, but because I’ve seen them irl…

If not inverse, that would work on a black shirt as well with a white border around it.