Stately Play Decathlon 2019

certainly i will have questions, but we should outsource the TS talk to an own thread.

Good game, @JaneHatke

Good game @Baelnor!

Ended with Wargames for the US on first AR of turn 8. Got pretty lucky here, as my map presence was less than impressive.

@whovian223 over @SpiceTheCat by VP. I’m not really good enough at analyzing this game to figure out how. LOL


Good game!

@Baelnor hasn’t posted about it yet, but he stomped me on Turn 4, AR 4, winning by VP. Given the way the game was going, I was just happy to be put out of my misery–good game!

@JMH.75 over @JaneHatke: defcon suïcide. Good game!

Congratulations! Honestly, it felt like I was being trampled by a mastermind, where everything I tried just failed :smile:

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Solid game! I think I got a better card draw and was able to keep ahead of your events!

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Congrats on the win, @jason1002! Well played.

Good win, @JMH.75!

irishdomer08 (USSR) over @feederofgoats (USA) by victory point track in Round 5.

I had 18 points going into the round and drew Arms Race. I was also 1 spot away on Space Race to get 3 points. I had several options on how to play it.

I chose to coup a battleground on AR1 with a 3 point card to get 3 military ops points and DEFCON down to 2. I had my fingers crossed that Mike wouldn’t play a card that got him 2 ops points on his AR1, as there was no non-battleground available to coup for USA. He did not and that allowed me play Arms Race on AR2 for 3 points - I had more military ops points and met the requirement.

If that plan backfired (we were tied in mil ops) then I had 2 shots at the 3 points on the space race at 50/50 odds each. I had missed a roll the previous turn that would have won it.


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Well played - I was definitely up against an experienced player! I didn’t feel like I made any howlers but just died by a thousand cuts on the scoreboard. Any comments on where you think I went wrong?

Bear Trap was your only spaceable card for the 3 points! (Edit: I guess you meant space Arms Race).

My advice to US players is to make sure you have presence in the Middle East. Soviets can dominate ME all game, and the cost is often manageable while only controlling Lebanon. But without that presence, it’s generally an 8 point swing. Also, how is there no influence in Italy??


Yeah I held Bear Trap from the turn before to space for 3 ops and figured / hoped I would draw a 2nd. Turns out i did but it could be used in a better way.

@feederofgoats I really don’t remember enough about the match to offer tips. :flushed: That’s the problem with playing more than 1 at the same time. All blends together!

@JMH.75 over @jason1002: intense game with close ending! Gg!

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@Codington - sorry I’m going so slow. I’m in transit to Australia with my family at the moment and finding it really difficult to play. My time may run out. Are any other games still ongoing? If not and you’re just waiting for me I’ll concede.

There’s still other games running! Do your best to get the game done, but there is no need to concede at this point.

Missed your message here @feederofgoats and it looks like you forfeited or time ran out. An unfortunate end to a very close game but I’m guessing playing another game is not a good idea!

Yes - sorry about that. Was a very interesting game. I’m on holiday with the family in Australia and have been finding it very difficult to play. Congrats on the win.

@schlotzky over @geigerm by way of time out. So I guess I won (?) despite being down 13 points at the time…

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