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Had to turn some of my settings down on my aging machine to minimize chug near the carrier, but it’s still looking pretty good (this is me ignoring the instructor, FYI):



Battle Chasers: Nightwar is coming to iOS as a full $10 premium game.

I haven’t played it yet, but it is (or was) on my Switch wishlist. It’s a turn-based RPG but I don’t know much more about it.

I’m always happy to hear about console/PC titles making it to mobile.


I am about half way through it on Steam (Battle Chasers:Nightwar). It’s interesting at first, but the combat gets really repetitive I think. More so than most JRPG style games. That said, I do intend to go back to it at some point, as the story was interesting and the writing was fun.


Crypt of the Necrodancer is a great game. It is a classic rogue like RPG but it is set to a great soundtrack and you need to move in rhythm.

Not it has a prequel on iOS called Amplified. Amplified is $5 and has the base game plus al of the Amplified content and has full iPhone X resolution support. Definitely a great game!


Ahh, so no reason to still keep the original installed, good to know.


Final expansion for Sentinels lands tomorrow.


I don’t go back to this game as much as I should, but I do love playing it when I do.

I’m just not very good at the weekly challenges.


I feel the same way. They have made the game so much easier to play than in real life, but it takes me forever to finish a game. And I suck at the weekly challenges too. I completed a few, but some I cannot make any progress.

It is truly amazing how long they have been updating this game. Kudos to Handelabra!


Nimblebit and LEGO are teaming up to bring us LEGO Tower sometime this summer. It’s pretty much Timy Tower, but with LEGO aesthetics and LEGO people, which sounds like a win/win to me!