Star Trek: Discovery

Did anyone here watch the 2-part premiere last night?

I’m a trek nerd, but couldn’t get myself to pay for the right to watch it, especially after being burned so bad the last few years with the JJ Abrams’ movies.

Curious if anyone saw it and if it is worth paying for?

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It’s free up here in Canada (on the SPACE channel), so we watched both episodes.

It was good, not great. I see potential, but we’ll see what happens.

It would not have enticed me to sign up for CBS Full Access though, to pay for it.

But for no additional cost, I’m happy to keep giving it a try. The cast was good.

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Please keep letting me know how it goes. If the season turns out to be above average, I’ll either buy it outright when it comes to iTunes or sign up for a month of CBS and binge it.


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I’m pleasantly surprised by the whole thing. Episode three kicks off the show proper and we finally get to see the ship and hello to Jason Isaacs. It’s definitely aimed at an older audience too, gore and the odd naughty word for good measure.

I’ve high hopes for this.

Having the show ultimately locked behind a pay wall means that I won’t be watching it any time in the near future. I’m excited to give it a go when I have access to it in some way other than a paid CBS streaming service.

In the Netherlands we have Netflix :grinning:

Yeh, Netflix in the U.K too. What CBS is doing in America is counterproductive at best, sabotage of their own IP at worst.

It seems that here in America, every network wants their piece of the streaming pie. Im just hoping CBS’s profits here in America are less than they would make licensing to Netflix.