Star Realm F&F Tournament [Sign-Up Thread]


As it is more or less tradition now, each time a new Star Realms Expansion rolls out digitally I feel the urge to host an SR-Tourney. Now some things happened when the final “Crisis” Expansion Fleets & Fortresses was released so it is a little late but here we are - our very first SR-tourney on Stately Play!

Also with the glacial release of the Expansion in the digital App right now we could probably fire off another dozen or so of these tournaments until SR: Colony Wars hits the digital app :frowning:

_Star Realms: Colony Wars (coming soon to an app near you) takes us into the mysterious nebula[...]_
....was written on the official Blog on 8 Oct 2016....when discussing the recently revealed second main Expansion SR: United which is currently in development (for cardboard) grumblegrumlegrumble....

This Tourney will be 2 stage (with a group phase followed by a single elimination round) or 1 stage (double elimination for more games to play) depending on the amount of sign-ups (many -> 2 stage, few -> double elimination).

Ties will be broken up as follows in the group phase:
1: wins vs. tied player
2: points scored
(3: game/set wins)

By popular choice we will play best of three in the Knockout (Single Elimination) Round.
The game will be async with timer set to 48hr.

Registration Deadline will be Friday 24th February 2017 17:00 CET

Requirements are:
Main Game + all Expansions purchased (Gambits, Crisis: Bases & Battleships, Crisis: Events, Crisis: Heroes and Crisis: Fleets & Fortresses)
We will play with every Expansion enabled but without the Gambits itselfs (Promo Cards included with Gambit Expansion are still fine tough). Why no Gambits? The Gambits are not well received on a competitive setting as they warp the level starting field for players quite a bit.

I will set up a Challonge page later for the tournament, I invite you to record your games there
but records can be registered on the PT tournament thread as well and I keep updating the tournament scores on both pages regularly.

Interested parties should register here with their Star Realms Username and (if you have one) with their Challonge username


I’m in! username is halfvoid on everything.


I’m in too.


I’ll play! Probably poorly :slight_smile:

Challonge: Sleeping_Giant


I’m in.

kennfusion and kennfusion


I’m in.

Whovian on Star Realms and Whovian223 on CHallonge


I’m in! geigerm on SR and Challonge.


mhatke on SR
irishdomer08 on challonge


I’m in! Hardco on both…


Hah! Got you there latecomers to the registration…the initial Deadline was January 24th 2017…

But because of my big heart and being known as a benevolent if talkative enlisted aptenodyte I happily extend the deadline to Friday 24th of February 2017.


ok 8 People currently registered …now we only need either 1,3,5 or 7 more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll join.

I edit this post when i have looked up my sr and challonge username.
SR needs to be re-installed first…

Sr: Jules
Challonge: Sjeng


I’ll join.

SR: jlongo
Challonge: john1325


Just bought the expansion, I am in.

SR: Holsten
Challonge: Holsten_Knight


Aaaaaand the registration is done…

Doing the tournament stuff right now…