Site Suggestions?

Gotta agree. I’d say figuring out this front-page publishing thing has to be top priority right now.

Like with the 64-bit post. I typed up a comment saying, “hey, this is a great forums post; it should be re-purposed into an article” … but, apparently, it is an article?

Another example: I can’t comment on the Race for the Galaxy post. It doesn’t show up in the forums, and there’s no “reply” button on the post itself. And, as everyone knows, I have fascinating thing to say, so this is a big loss for the community.

The publishing issue should be cleared up. The article about RftG was an “oops” on my part. I broke an embargo and removed the post until I hear from the publisher.

If they still want me to hold off on reporting it until next week, I’m going to need all of you to act surprised when the story reappears next Tuesday.

We get a little money for links to the App Store, so if you could use us to buy all your iOS games we’d love it. :slight_smile:


If I use the link but then buy a different game do you also get a little money? Or is just for that game.

I want to support this website the best way possible.


Well, right now we apparently aren’t getting money for shit. I must have broke something on the back end that isn’t giving the correct link to the App Store for us to get our cut.

I’ll be fixing that ASAP, but to answer your question, I think we only get compensation for the game we linked to and not others that you might find afterwards while exploring the app store. I will look into it but, for now, go with that.

Maybe some sort of SP shopping list post with links to every game reviewed on the site might help with that?


I believe on that other site, when you got into the app store tru their link to whatever game it was linked to, they got money for all purchases for like 20 minutes. At least I recall having read that somewhere.

Oh, okay. Maybe that’s how it works. Seriously, it’s incredibly opaque and I really just signed up and ran with it. The links should be working again, however, so we will get a little $ from your forays to the App Store from SP now.

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I’m looking at creating a page that would include all reviews, similar to PT’s. I really want it to automatically include new reviews so I don’t need to manually update the page whenever a new post is created. Working on it…

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Is it possible to extend the amount of people you can ping per post?
Currently you can only ping 10 people. Usual Ascension and Star realms Tournaments here in the community are more then 10 less than 20.

For ease of use in pinging participants - is it possible to change the limit to say…25 please?

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I think it is! Should work for up to 64 now. If we get a spam problem, maybe I’ll dial it back, but it seemed a tournament-friendly number.


Here is a minor suggestion.

From the front page, when clicking on the link next to the comments (just to the right of the article’s author), it would be nice if it went directly to the forum and the first comment (or at least to the forum). Right now it goes to the top of a mash-up of the article and the first few comments. You then have to scroll down to the bottom and click on the “continue the discussion …” link.


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So, I was thinking about how to support this website by buying other games or apps that you don’t have links to. Is this a legit thing to do it or will you get in trouble?

I notice the itunes URLs all end in “?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D8”. My guess is that is the sponsor information. So if we know the app ID then we can formulate our own link to that app.

For example, the new Monument Valley 2 game has an id of: id1187265767. Putting that together with the itunes URL ( and the app id (id1187265767) and the suffix (?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D8) from above gives the link:


I’ve added a colon to the front so you can actually see the URL text. The forum automatically shows the App Store blurb which you can see below:

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Link for Framed 2 with Stately Play sponsor info: