Shadowrun bundle on sale on Steam - recommendations?


Fans of the Shadowrun RPGs on Steam, want to get your opinion.

It appears that the bundle including Shadowrun Returns (along with the Deluxe version), Dragonfall, Hong Kong extended edition along with the Deluxe version) is on sale for $19.95 CDN.

Returns, Dragonfall, and Hong Kong extended are individually on sale for about $16 CDN.

Is the bundle worth it with the Deluxe editions? If not, are all three games individually good or are there ones to stay away from?


I played the first two on iOS and have heard great things about Hong Kong. The system is very much a strategy RPG, which is a genre I enjoy. Move/action, next character. One of the things I really liked was the IP. I’ve never played other Shadowrun games and the blend of D&D tropes with cyberpunk is awesome, in my opinion. I’d very much like to play more games in the Shadowrun universe. The games are more linear than the D&D isometric RPGs, but the writing is good, the level progression is interesting, and like I said, the world is great. I really wish Hong Kong had come to iOS and that the old games were still supported. I hate giving recommendations and knowing that I might lead someone to spend money on something they don’t like only because I said so, but $20 for the three sound like a great value. On top of that, I believe the PC versions had custom campaign support or at least extra modules or something.


Thanks, Mirefox.

But I can get the 3 individually for $16, so I’m wondering if the extra $4 for the two “Deluxe” editions is worth it.

Also, as “strategy RPGs,” are they turn-based movement or how do they play, especially outside of combat?


Ah, I misread you. I thought you meant they were each $16 individually, so $48 added together. Unfortunately, I can’t answer you about the deluxe version.

In each game, you start by creating your own Unique character and then are dropped into the story. Generally, you’ll be able to move around in an area and click on things of interest. Battles occur when you reach certain story points or click on the right thing (like some thugs that want to start a fight). Areas can be as small as a room or can be a couple city blocks, but from what I remember there isn’t anything enormous and you’re not going to be able to wander around some grand map freely; this is an RPG that directs you through a story with the occasional chance to explore a little and pick up some side quests.

As for combat, you get to move and/or take an action, much like you would see in games like X-Com. Cover does play a role as many characters have ranged attacks. After you’ve ordered all your characters, the enemies get to make their moves, then back to you. I don’t think X-Com is a terrible comparison, though there is a little more RPG and a little less tactics in Shadowrun.