Scythe friendly matches

Scythe is currently in beta on iOS. Anyone for a match?

Hoy do you join the beta?

I’d be up for one as soon as I learn it - ashamed to admit I never played this one in cardboard

I’m up for a game. It’s a ‘everyone online at the same time to join’ kind of set up though

It makes you wonder if they’ve ever looked at feedback from their other games…

i’m always prepared for the worst when asmodee is involved.

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Mmm, this can become a challenge to get everybody in the app at the same time. I’m in the timezone GMT+1. In which timezone are you situated?

My one experience inviting irishdomer08 when he was online was unsuccessful, so do we know for sure that it even works when everyone is online?

so what do we have? an online beta which can’t be played online?

or only with randoms itm?

I don’t know how the industry works, but why can’t Asmodee get outside help? Is there a reason they can’t license online code from Playdek, for example? Or do they honestly see themselves as the standard for how iOS games should work? If this was a first-time, small developer I’d understand hiccups, but Asmodee has had the same issues for years. They have to have heard the feedback, right?

It’s baffling, isn’t it? They just seem to have zero clue.

Paraphrasing from what someone else wrote in a different thread, there’s only a short list of demands needed for asynchronous play. If I’m in an asynchronous game, I need:

  1. A notification to take my turn;
  2. A replay of my opponent(s) turn.

And that’s it. Those are the two requirements. There’s some other stuff I’d like, too — like a clear list of my games — but I can finish a game with just the first two.