Roll for the Galaxy Players Wanted

Title says it all. Who wants to play Roll for the Galaxy?

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I guess I do, even though I’ve never played the physical or digital version…? I ran through the digital version’s tutorial during beta, but don’t remember squat. So I’ll have to make time to run through it, again.

I’m up for one! Or am I already in a game with you? I don’t remember. LOL

I’ll play

BTW, my friend code is ZHANYVNN.

5p invite out!


i got the notification that i have been invited to a game but…
it’s not there :flushed: :man_shrugging:

this is worrying because it happened once before some days ago.
@irishdomer08, you’re not yet on my friendslist. can that be the reason?
or will the game be handed from player to player when it’s someone’s turn, and not before?


My friend code is ADZ7P911

It looks like we are going. I just picked my starting tiles and it is @whovian223’s turn now. Hopefully it shows up once it is your turn

i have deleted and re-installed the app.
linking to my email account failed in first try but succeeded in second.

the good: all friendslists were restored, Race and Roll lists were united.
@irishdomer08, now you are on my list, and i guess that’s the reason why i could see and join the missed invitation.

the bad, the VERY bad: all running games were lost, and i got a new ID…again (7EVUV899).

i lost two great games in progress. seriously pissed by that :rage: :-1:
the whole ID code system sux.

Friend codes are possibly the stupidest system in existence. Why they can’t implement a sign in like virtually every other multiplayer game is beyond me. On top of that, they ditched the codes for Shards of Infinity and turned right around to use them here…a bit mind boggling.

Does anyone know what the 2 represents…


…for this tile:

That means how many developments you have in the pile waiting to be built.

Edit: So you have “Backup Planning” on top of the pile and then you have another development underneath it.

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Duh! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Yeesh!

For those unaware, a long press on any die will display the Dice Face Distribution screen.

is our 5P game stuck?
looks like it’s @JaneHatke’s turn.
Jane, you have just 12 days left of the 1-month-timer, and we’re only in round 6.

interesting: seems like upgrading to iOS 14.0.1 can fix notification problems.
a player didn’t get any notifications (in Evolution) before, and gets them all now since he has upgraded.

Sorry. I wasn’t getting notifications

Congrats @JammaTal

Who wants to play again? Only took about 2.5 months to play that last game :slight_smile:


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Good game! I’ll play again

Well played, all! Sure, I have another 2.5 months to spare. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice win…I’ll play!