Review: Maze Machina

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iOS, Android According to the wayback machine, it’s been over eight months since we’ve posted a review here at Stately Play. Despite this, I still try to convince myself that, somehow, we’re relevant [hahahahahahahahahahahaha -ed.]. It took our German friends at TiNYTOUCHTALES to put an end to our torpor. Last week the developers of such…


Nice! Picked this up a couple days ago, have yet to play it. Looking forward to giving it a try.

Thanks for the review, now purchased! :+1:

I did find it confusing at first, doing the 20 levels to “get” all of the equipment before actually beginning the game. I was wondering “how the heck do I know what my stamina is?” and things like that.

Then I kind of figured that this is what they meant by what they said after the tutorial, so I would just wait it out.

Of course, now that I have done all that and am competing in the game, it’s great! Though I don’t understand what Daily is compared to Challenge in the main menu.

Daily mode is a single board per day, which you get one shot at. Pretty standard stuff.

Challenge mode is a mini-tournament mode based on what’s in Pocket Run Pool, but extending that concept to add a ranking scheme to it. Each challenge has the same board, but you can start as many challenges as you want (I think). If I understand the dev’s explanation on Twitter, each challenge ends when time runs out or ten people have attempted it. Your overall rank then goes up or down based on where you placed in that challenge. It’s really cool.

Challenge mode is basically the PRO mode.
It’s exactly as @geigerm explained.
It’s basically a permanent async tournament with ELO ratings that mitigates luck factor in normal mode (sub 160 top scores in normal mode are too luck dependent ).
Daily is just a one shot daily Maze.

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I could be wrong, but this might be the first of their games that has cloud saves. Every other game has bade me replay the tutorial when installing on new devices.

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Woo! #2 for the Daily


I was #13, died in Room 10.


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I’ve finally sat down and given this game some time. Tried my first daily and somehow didn’t even make it out of the first room…whoops!