Race for the Galaxy Games

Anyone up for a game of Race?

Playing Roll has made me want to go back to the original too.


Good game! It came back to me fairly quickly, though I did screw up the co some action twice (I forgot you needed a card with the action to get VP and simply thought I could trade goods for VP). Whoops! I’d be up for another with goals.

I’ll play one.

Code is B5VBR9JJ

Do you have expansions? (Brink of war is my favorite).

I only have gathering storm. That said, unless they changed it, you used to be able to play with whatever expansions the game creator uses, even if you don’t actually own them.


My phone broke and I had to get a new one. Now I can’t seem to log in to Race to take my turn. Any suggestions?

reconnect to your Temple Gates account.
i hope you had registered before :crossed_fingers:

I don’t know how to do that in Race. It uses friend codes and not an account. I think I’m out of the game unless there is some work around I don’t know about.

There should be a DEVICE LINK setting in the options or in the account menu, where you get a new code or link your new device to the old code.
I did so several times during the years and never got a problem, always received games and notifications.
If I remember correctly you just put the old code in the new device.
Let me know if it works, it’s been a while since I last did it.

Yes, but my old phone was destroyed, so I don’t have an old code.

Did you ever write your old code here or anywhere else for anyone to add you as a friend? Not ideal but could be a solution.

Their customer support is pretty good, they might be able to assist if you send an email?