Quarantine Cycle: Tabletop Games You Can Make at Home

Originally published at: https://statelyplay.com/2020/03/23/quarantine-cycle-tabletop-games-you-can-make-at-home/

Games to buy to play with an elementary schooler are all well and good, but there are games which require no trip to the store and are cheap or free to play or create at home. Even better, many of these involve substantial creativity or crafting, which can occupy many hours and may have minimal…

Thanks for the suggestions.

Another suggestion might be Tak

Our oldest son (7) does really enjoy playing it on a custum made board. (Some leftover wood)
I bought the stone set to support the developers, but pieces van be made with some wood or lego.
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First reaction: “Ooh new recommendations from @rinelk. This should be good, like the last ones.”

Second reaction: “Wait. The last recommendations he made caused me to spend just over $75 at gamenerdz, which I never knew existed before the article. This could be dangerous.”

Reaction after reading: “Mobile Frame Zero is such a creative commons gem I never hear people talk about.”

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That looks like a fantastic project for those with the supplies to make it! I’ve been a little wary of assuming anything beyond a printer and scissors, and of suggesting games in which a parent would have a massive advantage over a child. But I was wondering today if I should write a fourth article all about games at which you can absolutely crush your children. :slight_smile: