Quarantine Cycle: Games to play when your family won't and friends are socially distanced

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Looking on the bright side–not my forte, mind you–this whole global pandemic thing has at least one good thing going for it: it’s gotten our friend Kelsey back at the writing desk. If you’ve been paying attention, Kelsey has penned a series of articles about what to do with your loved ones now that you’re…


Great post, Dave!

Two things about Temple Gates, though.

First, notifications haven’t been working for me on Race for the Galaxy in ages, so I’m not sure how you’ve been so lucky. :stuck_out_tongue: Though Shards still gives me notifications with no problem.

Secondly, the tweet from them about expansions that @js619 found really made my opinion of them drop a bit. We need expansions for these games!

Especially Shards of Infinity, which I’m still enjoying but it really needs an infusion of new stuff.

I disagree. Expansions are what killed ascension for me. The base game is fantastic and more stuff would just ruin it. Then again, I feel like this about 99% of expansions.

As for RftG, I haven’t played for a bit so I didn’t realize notifications weren’t working. My Shards ones always do, so I assumed they were using the same service. Oh well.

I agree 100% with this. The base game is just right. The more expansions they released and the more I tried them, the less I wanted to play the game. And then they went and changed the art. Terrible idea.

I also agree with what you wrote about Agricola (the app). And yet I have never played an asynch game of it! I’m not sure I even remembered you could.

I will note that you left Lords of Waterdeep off of this list, which is a great execution of a board game with solid asynch.

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You’re right, but I had to draw the line somewhere…I think I could have spent another 3-4 hours adding more games, but these are the ones that still get played on a regular to somewhat regular basis for me.

Your Mads Mikkelsen comment was great! I’m sure it’s been talked about before because this is the internet and everything has been talked about, but up until now thought I was the only one who saw him giving me a Napoleonic stare every time I fire up the game!


I have the exact same thought about Mads Mikkelsen every time I open TtA! Usually makes me sad Hannibal didn’t get more seasons … but that’s a conversation for a different thread.

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Pretty sure that was Asmodee’s idea, wasn’t it? Either way, yep, dumb.

Good post Dave and lovely to have your words spiralling around here again.


Long distance parlor game love @Neumannium