Primal Legends, looking for friends

After the huge success of our call for friends in hill climb 2, I want to try it in another game: Primal Legends.
F2p and a relaxing and fun game. It gets better the deeper I get into the game.

My ID: 464515
Still have room for 35 friends. I am level 22 and pvp score ~700. Feel free to add me if you think its appropriate for you (I don’t care if you are way lower), I donate every card I don’t need for my actual deck, or decks I am working on.

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This seems like a nice twist on a match 3. I’ll play it for a while and see if I get into it

i had some decent fun playing campaign and PvP too.
when “ipad factory reset+backup restoration failure” had destroyed my progress it really hurt.
did not feel like starting from scratch then.
but maybe i’m ready now for a new start.

At first I thought the pvp is 99% luck (and it is at first) but this changes later on. The matchmaking kind of sucks sometimes, I was down to pvp rating 400 ( you start at 500), but now I have a nice squad of heroes and win like 3 of 4 matches. And it does not bother me at all to lose. Doing 20 pvp matches a month gives nice rewards, even if you lose all 20 matches :smile:

At the moment pvp is the most fun for me, at some point you get a feeling what heroes the oponnent might have, and it is most important when to start to put your heroes on the board. I had matches where both waited to play a heroe until down to around 400 health. :sweat_smile:

Edit: my deck atm is a direct damage deck, with torr (a hero you get early) , ku-luo (my secret surprise that no opponent expects, he wins a lot of matches for me), errys (was way too mighty for a long time, nerfed now but still good) and cipai.
Balance patches come frequently, sometimes they nerf good heroes to useless, sometimes it is appropriate. :wink:

My deck is nothig special at all, just a bunch of heroes i reckoned useful. I have been against way better decks, leaving me with 0 chance, but either I still miss those heroes or they are too low in level :sweat_smile:

The rewards you get are total random, so the way to get a heroe you want is: invest money ( I have not so far), watch a lot of commercials, luck, or ask your friends :grin:

Ok. I will give it a try too.
So far it seems fun.

My id is 464515

exactly the same ID as Holsten’s?

my new ID is 786 345

Lol. I had holsten’s ID copy pasted. And wrote mine down because I couldn’t copy it from within the game. Later I pasted it inhere…

So, mine is 786314

As a hint: you could get nice rewards if you invite each other via facebook.
I don’t care and don’t want to link the app with facebook. :wink:

Yeah it’s kind of fun, and I like the campaign because it’s not real time.

However there is a lot of luck for which color gems come out on your board.

My ID is 784556

i’m quite surprised how much fun this is :hushed:

especially the real time PvP league matches.
at last a match 3 (well, kind of match 3) game which can do it.

encountering many different tactics:
massively buffing own common troops
waiting game

had never played PvP before, but now i’m hooked.
step back in line, Gems of War. here comes Primal! :sunglasses:

Dont know how much time I have to play, as I am very deep in a Star Realms obsession at the moment, but will check it out.

So I don’t get something, if I have a bunch of chests that all take 1hr + to open, I don’t actually get anything from playing? There is nothing to gain until I have a chest spot open?

basically yes.
but you can always play PvP matches (imho the best part of the game anyway) and fill the Fight Chest by 5 wins.
no timer nor payment whatsoever for this chest.
and much better rewards in Fight Chests (located in the Store besides the Free Chest)
and you can climb up the season leaderboard and get promoted to higher leagues. amazing rewards at end of each season. i just was promoted to Bull League (650-750), which will pour out following end of season rewards:
7.5k gold and a total of 250 cards, 10 guaranteed Epics and 25 Rares.

you must complete a set of 20 matches to get your rewards validated.
just done so. now it’s up to me if i will try to climb higher, at risk of suffering a losing streak and being downgraded again. nice thrill.

you must qualify for league play before. i think by filling the Fight Chest for the first time. and then wait for the start of next league season.

another ongoing activity are the portal event challenges. small gold entry fee, but you will get it (more than) back when winning. instant reward, no timer.