Pocket Tactics hired a new writer!


Langrisser 1&2 are getting a re-release on Switch and PS4 this year AFAIK.

Yeah that part of the request was a bit iffy, but I get the impression the two franchises competed a lot back in the 90’s when they both were first released and these guys wanted to revive that rivalry.

I was doing some research for the first sponsored post and Langrisser made it out west before FE did, but FE managed to get that mainstream attention first. I’m guessing because Langrisser petered out after the fifth game where as FE stuck it out.


I’ve tried plenty of these games as well and my issue still boils down to the paid content. FE:H and Terra Battle were both decent for what they were, but when I play a game and wonder what I’m missing out on because I’m unwilling to be nickle and dimed, my interest wanes quickly. When it comes to RPGs - especially replays of old RPGs - I’m a completionist. Knowing that I can’t even attempt to complete a roster, or whatnot, without either paying money, getting lucky in a slot machine mechanic, or grinding as nauseum for nominal rewards is really a game killer.


As too my knowledge only in Japan. No words of a western release. I, of course, meant a western release since I, unfortunately, cannot read chicken scratch™. I revised my ramblings


Oh I thought they were coming out west. Maybe I misunderstood.


I’m trying, and it’s pretty hard! You’d have to be dumb or intrinsically motivated (or thankfully in my case, both) to even make the attempt.


I studied Japanese for a while. The spoken language is much easier than most Latin and Germanic languages. The problem is that they use multiple alphabets; hiragana and katakana are not all that difficult as each simply represents a consonant/vowel combination. Vowels are always short. So a i u e o, ka ki ku ke ko, ha hi hu he ho, etc. The biggest difficulty, by far, is kanji. That’s a nightmare to learn, and something I never managed before my studies concluded.


I actually find the written language easier than the spoken. I can see when a word is a katakana and thus probably loan word, when in listening this is sometimes obscure. I can see that the sounds which may have seemed to be distinct words that I don’t recognize are instead the te form + suru or whatever of a familiar word. I can differentiate more easily between two words that sound exactly the same but use different kanji. Etc. On the other hand, occasionally word/particle separation is more easily heard than perceived from the written language.


I was more naive when the FTP and IAP trend started, and now I’ve swung to the other end of the spectrum where I’m actually distrusting of the corporate suits not allowing the devs to make a game for entertainment, but to drain my wallet. I know it’s not fair to all FTP & IAP games, but the abuse and excesses by some have made it hard for me to trust those who have not earned my distrust. Is the difficulty curve targeted for maximum enjoyment, or to generate additional IAP purchases?

Fortunately, I have more “premium” games than I’ll ever get to. And with the Switch, the missed opportunity by Apple to make the iPad a premier portable gaming device is now more of a loss for them than it is for me.

It’s great to see how well the Switch is financially rewarding devs who support it, even with a smaller install base.


And Langrisser Mobile is out…

RPGFan (one of my most trusted RPG-addiction enablers) has proven my worst nightmares for this game true…

Eventually, though, character progression becomes annoying. The game constantly throws crafting items, currencies, vouchers, and certificates at you every time you log on, every time you complete missions, and every time you blink. The sheer variety and volume of items and currencies you receive nearly immediately devolves into an incomprehensible cacophony. l did find, however, that if I kept my core group leveled up and almost never “summoned” any new heroes to add to my party, I could stay abreast of the power curve for a while, since I saved all the obnoxious progression resources for only a few characters. This doesn’t change the fact that the white noise of collectibles is exhausting.

I did waste some time on Fire Emblem Heroes…it was fun…for a while but ultimately wasted effort. Same with Terra Battle. I won’t do the mistake yet again…

Here is a tiny (really really tiny) hope for a western release of the Langrisser 1&2 remake.
(I am the most pessimistic person alive aside my pathological hopes for western localization of the most improbable games ever and ever again…)