Pocket Tactics hired a new writer!


Oh, great…




I haven’t been there in I can’t remember how long. Hope this sort of thing doesn’t start showing up at Wargamer, although given the audience size I can’t imagine that. Kind of surprised they bother to keep that site running, honestly. How many of us can there be?


At least Sponsored can spell 2-3 letter words. (It’s the ned of the year). Maybe props for radical transparency?



It’s literally hard to type “ned” without it being auto-corrected, you really have to try.


Dave’s “Ozymandias” reply is awesome!


Automatic hearts for Hot Fuzz gifs!


I’m in tears. That’s some seriously cutting wit


Wait, did I spell “end” as “Ned” somewhere?


They did. You’re off the hook on that one.


Whew. [I still wouldn’t put it past him. -ed.]



Ohhh :sadface:

Fair play to Joe for trying to keep the lights on, and the sponsorship was upfront and clear, but oh.

I’d like to think that Owen lurks here from time to time, to see how this happy band he collected around his banner still ambles on. Maybe there’s an OsricCoulomb in the membership somewhere who never posts but looks in, nods sagely as if to say, good good, and wafts quietly on.




I don’t know about what happened behind the scenes much since the golden days but at least Joe’s keep trying in his own way and I give him credit for that. Most Veterans look to PT trough nostalgia tinted glasses so whatever he tries may be shunned anyway because it doesn’t meet the high bar we (always almost automatically) set with Nostalgia. But I believe he is giving his best most of the times, and some things which happened are not even his fault, after all, he had not 100% creative control in the 2 years he has taken over. I believe Slitherine as a company itself dicked PT over way way worse on itself.

Much as I hate the sponsored Article for what it represents (Langrisser being mutilated as F2P) I cannot see fault for posting it. It was “sponsored” after all. So basically its an advertisement full of PR shenanigans and I take it as that. He explained his thoughts over here pretty well regarding the matter.


Good link. Joe was always gonna be the Doggett to Owen’s Mulder (unless I’m misremembering the sequence of events, which given my memory, which is not so much a palace as a cauldron, is certainly possible), but that seems like a pretty level-headed take on things.


I agree, I endeavor to be sympathetic to anyone trying to provide me gaming journalism in this day and age, it’s easy to be cynical but times are tough. I try to be somewhat supportive, I’m a (very minor) Patreon here and at Touch Arcade.

I love being able to access written articles over the Internet, kids these days :wink: seem to prefer video which is not my preferred format.

Alas, as discussed elsewhere on this site, it seems the “premium” games that I prefer are not making it to mobile phones and tablets as much as they are to Switch, no surprise that coverage is adjusting to that reality, as well as the current harsh economic climate for gaming journalism.

As far as good news this holiday season, I can afford and I’ve taken the plunge this year and am excited for Christmas day when I’ll celebrate gaming on my new Switch device, with premium content, all games designed with entertainment in mind, not with the intention to slowly drain my finances as I play. :sunglasses:


Yeah, I’ll chime in by echoing the above — the effort is there, and no one is getting rich doing this, so I’ve tried to give more of a break lately.

But … you knew there was a “but” coming … what I don’t like is the name. It’s not Pocket Tactics and never will be. Change the name. Let the past die.


Brandpires never die, my friend, they must be murdered with stakes (lawyers).