Players Wanted - 8 Minute Empire

If we get enough interest we could move this over to the tourney forum, but who is up for some 8 minute empire friendlies?

I have started a game called SP in the lobby. Password is Stately

Join if interested

I’d say we are going to get hustled by @JammaTal as it seems he might have been in the beta, but I’m happy to learn the hard way

Once I actually play it a couple of times (give me a day or two), I’d be happy to (unless I hate the game…but I’ve played it once on the table and don’t remember hating it)

Played 3 games last night.

I understand it well enough to lose (sorry, play) against others now. :slight_smile:

I’ve posted a new game titled SP. password is ‘stately’.

Nice win @JaneHatke in game 1

Yes, congrats! Even with the last move I couldn’t steal enough points to take the lead.

I saw @JMH.75 in the lobby so maybe he would want to join the next game

I’m in! I’ve never played so my strategy may be nonexistent, but the rules seem simple enough.

I’m in! :grinning:

We’re off with 5 players. Good luck!

You don’t need to wait for a turn notification to do your first turn bid

I have it too. Looks deceptively simple… Anyone fancy another game?

I can handle 2 at the same time :grinning:

Are the notifications working?

Email and popups worked last game. Can’t remember about badges.

I’ll play a second game too. Go ahead and start one @SpiceTheCat

I logged in to check the game status and it shows a question mar next to my character, which makes it look like I haven’t bid, but I have.

I think the question mark shows ‘they bid a mystery amount of coins’. I agree it’s not terribly clear

I just got the game and am willing to learn it the hard way, if there’s room in the new game or someone wants another one. geigerm in-game.

I’ve got a spare 8 minutes. Let’s play some 8-Minute Empire!

I just bought this yesterday and have played a few games against the AI. It’s time to play with real people.

I’ve created a game called KYakerDude’s Room - password: play

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I’ve started a game too: STC’s SP Room. Pw is stately, all welcome to show me how it’s done…

And I have pressed start and made a bid. Good stuff, my fellow Lilliputian imperialists.