One Deck Dungeon hits funding goal and is now coming to mobile


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With 16 days to go in the Kickstarter campaign, One Deck Dungeon has successfully funded. That’s not huge news considering that when we spoke about it on day 2, it was already well above 50% towards its goal. What is surprising is the update Handelabra released today to announce that funding was successful. Originally, One Deck Dungeon was being pitched as a Steam title with mobile being something they would look into down the road. Apparently, the road was rather short because today’s update announced that One Deck Dungeon is coming to iOS and Android.

Due to the byzantine rules regarding the distribution of mobile apps on both the App Store and Google Play, the Kickstarter is going to remain Steam-only. That said, they did add a new “mobile” tier that allows those of us who want to play on our tablets to get in on the action. The current plan is that the iPad and Android tablet version would be released one month after the Steam version. For every backer who gives $1 at the “Mobile Tier”, they will reduce that delay by 1 hour. Thus, if they can get 720 people to give them $1, we’ll see a simultaneous mobile and Steam release. Pretty clever, Handelabra.

Questions? Thought so, and so did Handelabra. Here are the answers:

  • What devices and platforms will be supported? We plan for the the first release of One Deck Dungeon for mobile to support iPad (iOS 10 or later) and Android tablets (Android 4.4 or later on Google Play).
  • I backed for Steam but I also want to support mobile, can I help? Yes! Just add $1 to your pledge to be registered as a mobile backer.
  • How will you track this? Aside from counting backers at the mobile level, we will tally up the pledges that have $1 added. Since every other backer level ends in a 0 or 5, this should be pretty straightforward, and we’ll keep you posted on your progress in updates.
  • Is there a way for a mobile backer to get a copy of the Digital Lore Book? What about the Soundtrack? Yes! If you would like to get the Digital Lore Book as an Add-On, you can now add $10 to your pledge. Likewise, there is now a $5 Add-On for the Soundtrack. Just add the appropriate amount to your pledge and after the campaign ends, the pledge manager will let you order whatever you would like.
  • What if we get MORE than 720 mobile backers? We like where your head is at, but the tablet version will not come out before the Steam version. Perhaps there'll be another bonus, but time will tell.
  • What about phones? Support for phone-sized devices is a much bigger job than tablet support. It will require a new approach to the user interface, similar to how we brought Sentinels of the Multiverse to phones. While we would still like to have phone support in the road map, this announcement only covers tablets.
There's a lot more information about One Deck Dungeon and what we can expect when it eventually does make it to our laptops and tablets over at the Kickstarter page. If you're at all interested in backing it, jump on board. If Handelabra gets sneaky again as stretch goals start getting knocked down, we'll let you know.