One Deck Dungeon heading to the small screen


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Coming out of nowhere last year was Handelabra‘s port of the Little Card Game That Could, One Deck Dungeon. No other board game port received nearly as much playtime and, let me remind you, you could only play it on iPad or your laptop. Luckily, it’s less of an addiction now because it’s coming to phones in May which would have killed me had it happened last year.

If you have no idea what the hell we’re talking about, head over to the review. We kind of liked it. Why wouldn’t we? It’s a cool card-and-dice based roguelike in which you get to level up characters who retain new abilities the more you play. It’s also addictive as hell.

In fact, I’d still be playing it like there’s nothing else to do if I hadn’t played so much that I’ve maxed out just about every character in the game. It’s good enough that, once it’s on my phone, I’m sure I’ll head back in and bash my head against the Lich and Yeti yet again.

No concrete date for the phone release, but we know it’s coming in May and it will be a Universal upgrade so those of us who bought it on iPad or Android tablet won’t have to repurchase to play it on your handheld.

We’ll poke the Handelabra guys and see if we can get any refinement on the date.


That is super news! I will likely load this back up for some more play.

I ended up playing it most at the gym… doing my best rat in a cage impression of a cross trainer, with my iPad perched on the ledge, swatting at the screen whilst trying to maintain intensity.

Best way to gym.


Yes, yes, yes!

Love this game. I finally tried out the Gauntlet mode and finished both the regular version and the expansion. Great way to find other challenges with the game.

I hope we can sync advancement across iPad and iPhone.

I believe there is a story mode you can play with the actual board game with the instructions posted online. I’m hoping they add that also.


Just a general question: when you have the expansion, can all the dungeon cards be mixed together so that you have 2x as many possible encounters? Or do you either play the original or the expansion, but not both at the same time. Quite a fun game, but I feel like the base game could use slightly more variety.


You can mix them all up. So you can use heroes from either set (or both with two heroes) to run through either set of encounters or a mixture of encounters. You can also control potion effects. In short, you can mix and match however you like.

I think I like the expansion just a little more than the base game. I almost always play as two heroes instead of one. This also allows faster hero progression.


A) What do you like about the expansion?

B) How does two heroes speed up leveling? I’ve always just grinded away with one.


The biggest change is the poison mechanic. It is a different way of possibly reducing health. But it can also be cured with a good die roll. There are also more character improvements which can change how you play. In the past I’ve mainly used the health improvements, but I’m trying some of the others now. I also like how some of the bosses alter or reduce the number of dice you can use. Oh, and potions don’t heal as much, but can also be used to improve die in combination with healing. Then there are the different encounters.

If you like the base game, I imagine that you will like the expansion too.

After defeating a boss, with one hero you add 12 points (checks?) to that hero’s progression. With two heroes you add 12 points to each hero’s progression. You do not split the 12 points between the two heroes, they each get 12 points.

Since leveling up most of the heroes, I win most games. I also typically play two characters, which I think is easier. Gauntlet mode is fun because you go through leveling up again while trying to beat all the bosses.


Thanks! I do enjoy the base game, but I also think I put a little too much grind into it and it started to feel “samey.” I played one character at a time and tried to max out their sheets. I think I’ll give the expansion a go at some point as well as try out playing with 2.

I put this game in the same category as Elder Sign, which I know is much-loved around here. I think I prefer this game for the progression.