One Deck Dungeon getting tiny on Thursday


There is a n achievement for winning on fearless with progression turned off. The probability of that seems astronomical.


The worst part fo this game is learning my son and I have been playing some of the abilities incorrectly in the physical version.

Other than that, this is very well done for the smaller screen. I just wish there was a cancel but if you hit a skill and realize you didn’t want to do it because you can’t see the encounter card and the hero card at the same time.


There is an icon on the bottom that looks like an arrow pointing left. It is an undo button and seems very generous as long as you haven’t rolled a die.


Gauntlet mode unlocked, onto normal mode now.
And that with just 2 heroes…I have yet to touch all others…not to mention the expansion.

What a game, saying I’m obsessed with it it’s a big understatement.

The legit heir of Elder Sign Omens, mixed with Quarriors and Pathfinder Adventures.

That moment when you pull it off after a ton of ‘1’ just using skills, combos and potions…you feel like a true hero.



I agree, the game is very good. I play it on iPad. Finished the first dungeon with the Paladin and the Rogue.
If they would implement iCloud sync, it’d play it on my iPhone as well.
Has anyone bought the expansion? Does it change the rules in any way? Does it add cards to the original dungeons and with it more variety?



The expansion adds a poison “damage” aspect. There are all new cards for the dungeon and you can mix up which cards you use, both or either one. I believe the expansion also opens up additional progressions for hero abilities. It is well worth it, especially since it is on sale right now.


What’s the regular price for the expansion, $10? I’m on the fence about getting it …

So far, I think I like the game a bit better on my phone. We’ll see if that feeling sticks–I was initially into it on the iPad but got sick of it quickly–but the game tends to suit the short bursts of gaming I do on my phone, as opposed to the longer sessions I usually log on the iPad.


The expansion is 30% off.

See here for details:


I’m torn over games like this. It is a great game and a great app, but there seem to be two types of co-op games:

  1. Some co-ops, like Pandemic, ramp up the difficulty as the game goes on.

  2. Other co-ops smack you around right out of the gate.

This, Elder Sign, Sentinels of the Multiverse (also by Handelabra), and others all seem to be in the latter category. I don’t inherently mind a challenge, but I think I much prefer the first category, where the game allows me to get my feet under me a little and then ramps up the difficulty as the game goes on. I have a tendency to get frustrated when the game sets out to bloody me at the start. Sentinels is by far the biggest culprit for me in this regards and I have a hard time playing it. ODD can be pretty unforgiving right up front, though, and I’ve found myself either playing the game for an hour, or closing it after about five frustrating minutes of drawing 3 or 4 XP monsters right off the bat.


Although I’m getting the backers updates, I never read them.
So I was not aware that this is a sale price. I think I’m getting the expansion.