Non viri sed vitra: Sagrada tournament

Let’s have the inaugural SP competitive glazing tournament and play Sagrada.

Sign up here and I’ll decide a format when numbers are settled. As it’s a compact little game, I’ll suggest a format where we get to play a decent number of rounds.

@whovian223, @johnl, @Mirefox, @robthomasson, @js619 and @Hardco have already expressed interest so I’ll take you guys as in for now unless you say otherwise.

Extra sign-ups here, until the weekend.

(Yes, I know the plural of virus is viruses. It sounded more latin-ish this way, ok?)

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I’m always a sucker for a SP tourney–count me in. Downloading the app now …

… and replacing my original post with one that contains my code: geigerm+9196

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Yes I’ll play. Irishdomer08+5342

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I’ll play

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If we stick at 10 entrants, would everyone be up for a simple round robin? It would be 9 2-player games each, which is more than the usual tournament load but not too excessive given the game, and everyone is involved until the end.

If you would prefer something shorter, I’ll look at two pools with a play-off round.


Sounds good to me—it’s such a light game that playing a bunch still sounds pretty easy. It’s not like you’re asking us to play 9 games of Terra Mystica.

Yeah that would be fun, maybe spread them out a little bit for sanity

Sounds fine.

Sounds fine to me.

Too late to get in?
User name is JHTaube + 5104

Not at all. Actually, it’ll make the round instructions easier.

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When do we begin?

Today! :blush: Tournament Thread to go up soonish.