Nomad bringing Dracula and all his Fury to digital

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One game that I love, love, love but my group hates, hates, hates is the oft-streamlined and re-released classic, Fury of Dracula. Originally released back in the 80’s as a roll-and-move, the latest version (the 4th edition) was released this year and there’s not a die to be found. The new 4th edition is the…

  1. This game is absolutely fantastic.

  2. I sound like a broken record, but will Nomad finally get their act together and make this asynchronous? I doubt it, which means I likely won’t be getting it unless solo play is compelling. A 3-4 hour game needs better multiplayer than Nomad has this far given us.


Agreed…asynchronous play would be great but it would limit online play to 2-players. The hunters can pick and choose who goes first, second, etc. each turn so I’m not sure how that would work if the hunters were controlled by different people. If one person controlled all the hunters, however, async would be amazing.

Here’s hoping they pull it off, but I have to admit that solo FoD sounds freaking great as well. Playing the hunters with a computer controlled Drac would be fantastic.


With or without asynch, I’m just excited to see this. Like Dave, I love this game but my group hates it, so I finally had to let my copy go in a math trade a while back.

More FoD is a good thing. I love it, it’s the best hidden movement game going, but I’m not sure how well a digital version will work. It’s going to be 2P only right?

Not sure. They really didn’t give me any details other than it’s on the menu.