New World - New MMO

I have been playing New World a lot the past couple days. I played it for about a week in closed beta and enjoyed it, and thought that perhaps when it went live it might have lost whatever I liked about it before, but I have to say it has been a lot of fun again.

I think the world just feels big, even as a new player, and while the quests are dumb fetch quests, it is often the journey that is most enjoyable. Discovering some plant that you have not seen before growing in the middle of nowhere and finding out that you can harvest it, or that you can’t yet and you need to get your harvesting skill up.

Combat reminds me of ESO light, no need to twist those extra attacks into a rotation, but also no GCD based autocombat of the EQ and WoW world.

There are some server issues, they did not expect the numbers they have, so embarrassingly, Amazon did not have enough servers ready, resulting in queues. oops! Someone call over to AWS and get those up!

Anyone else playing?

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I’m thinking about it.

My son was very interested in this about 6 months ago so I was thinking I would play with him, but now he’s cooled on it.

Maybe I’ll have some time to check it out this weekend.

Are there multiple servers to select like with WoW?

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Yeah and broken down by region.

I’ve been looking forward to the release of new world for months now. I played the closed beta and met a good crew of people on an Aussie server and have been hanging around with them on discord since.

I got up at midnight for launch, queued for 2 hours, played for 20 minutes before being lagged out and placed in another 2 hour queue. Needless to say, I went to bed after that.

Since then, a significant number of new worlds have opened up on every server, and now I can join straight away and not face crippling lag. New Zealand’s not a great place to be playing action games due to the natural limitations of ping, but new world is smooth as butter. I’m looking forward to killing a lot of time in this game

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This would be the first MMO I’ve purchased and played since Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning all those years ago. I’ve always preferred the PvP side of MMOs, so I just might have to jump into New World. And bonus points for not having a monthly fee!

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Pvp is toggleable within the same world, that is, there aren’t pvp and pve servers. It’s not hard to meet up with other people who want to group up and go ganking. You’ll find people talking about it in your company chat (closed group of 100) and your faction chat (3 factions, all companies in that faction share that chat). Spontaneous groups will form at the entrance to settlements too. It might be a bit harder to get involved in the fort attack and defense as the attacking/defending company will probably pick the best 50 available volunteers when it comes time for the battle.

Amazon could really build up this. Imagine characters going to an in-game store and buying goods with in game currency (unique cards, sweets, etc to start with) and you could get them delivered to your real life. A new level of immersion… Really a new world.

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I suspect Amazon will be happy enough to get a game out the door that doesn’t end up being an absolute lemon. Their track record isn’t great, but it looks like that losing streak might be over

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Already if you are a Prime Member, and you watch Twitch streams of the game that are enabled with “drops” you can get free cosmetic gear in game. So there is already a multi-layer monetization matrix going on that is pretty cool to me at as a marketing professional.

Which server(s) are you guys playing on?

I am on US East Loloi, and I picked it because it had a low population the morning of release, but during prime time, like right now, the queue to get on is crazy.