Morels expands with Foray!


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It’s been a while since we’ve chatted about our little fungoid friend, Morels. If you recall, it’s a light card game about harvesting mushrooms, cooking them up, and scoring points. First timers, Mossbark, did a heck of job bringing the base game to our phones, and now they’ve expanded the toadstool selection with a new expansion titled Foray.

Vanilla Morels is a simple set collection game in which you exchange groups of similar shrooms and a cooking fire for points. If you’re real good, you can add butter or cider to your recipes to push the point totals even higher. It was a fun, light game but after several plays I felt that I’d seen just about everything it had to offer.

Foray aims to mix things up, and mix them up big. There are 13 new card types including characters, new items, weather, and more.

First of all, there are new fungi to find and eat such as the Morchella and Panther Cap. Both of these aren’t simple new additions, instead offering new mechanisms when they’re played. For example, the Panther Cap allows you to peek at the Night Deck while Morchella acts as a reserve, allowing a player to take cards from the stack of decayed shrooms.

Then there are the characters–Farm Girl, Chef, Eccentric, Thief–that each allow their owner to manipulate the card row in different ways or even cook different types of mushrooms in the same batch.

There are a bunch of other interesting cards as well that will completely change how you’ve played Morels to this point. Maps, forest fires, rainstorms, and more round out the bunch.

One thing the physical expansion added was the ability to play with up to 4 players. The digital expansion doesn’t include this feature, thus it’s still limited to a pairing. No word from Mossbark if the ability to play with more than 2 is in the pipeline, or if Morels will always be 2-player only.

The expansion is available now on iOS and Android for $3 and, if you enjoyed Morels at all, seems like a no-brainer.


I saw this and was momentarily excited, but then I thought about it and I don’t play it much anymore. I had the "Do I really want to spend $4 (It’s Canada, you know) on an expansion I’ll only play enough to maybe review it?

So I haven’t bit the bullet yet.


I was thinking the same, but I really like the game so I got it. Just wish I knew more people who play it.


I’m always up for a few games as long as you don’t mind async (that does tend to drag in Morels, though, as @Neumannium and I have mentioned).

If you want, I’ll go ahead and buy it tonight.


Async is perfect for me. So long as we’re not a week between turns, I don’t mind :slight_smile:


My friend code is KELJ7DPO


Sent you a request. 4NPZ2R8J is mine if anyone else wants to play!