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I find these games so hard now, as my skills have expired and I simply don’t have the patience for a random team to influence my outcome

I liked that age of Valor from ten cent though


Lol, yeah…my return to LoL was embarrassing. I only played a couple of games co-op against the AI, but it was like showing up to a basketball game thinking I was going to play hockey, being told I needed to play point guard, forgetting how to dribble, and then choosing to put on football cleats in the middle of the game…


Riot had officially announced a League of Legends for mobile. It is not a direct port; rather, it sounds as if it will use twin-stick controls and matches should take 15-20 minutes. I don’t know how I feel about this. Part of me wanted a port so I could play one of my favorite games anywhere at any time. Another part of me slapped that part for thinking 40+ minute games are good for mobile.