Looking for Carcassonne players

This is just such a well made game and I haven’t played it in a while. Who is up for multi-player games using the River, Inns & Cathedrals, and Traders & Builders?

I’ve mainly played the vanilla version so if there is a strong preference for no expansions I’m happy to play that also. Or more expansions. I have most of them, just don’t know how to play them.

I’m in. I mostly play with expansions but I know a lot of people hate the dragon, especially in an async game. I’m up for either…

Sure, why not!!!

Count me in, please. I’m happy with any expansions, but I am one of those dragon-haters @js619 mentioned …

Ya I’d play

@js619 and @whovian223 send me your GC nicknames or e-mail addresses so we can be friends :grinning:

Carcassonne always… anytime… with whatever you like!

I haven’t looked at the latest expansions really, I own them though and would like to try them out too.

I’m whovian223 on GC. And whovian223 on Gmail.

I could do without the dragon (though I don’t mind it that much), but I do like the other expansions.

I sent you a GC invitation. I’m still on OS 9 so I don’t know how it works on OS 10.

I don’t think we can get GC invitations anymore on iOS 10.

I don’t have anything, unfortunately.

Never, ever have I turned down a game of Carc.

I own it all, and I’ll play any combination … but my personal belief is that the Dragon isn’t that great in an asynchronous environment.

I’m ItsTheDukester on GC. If that even matters any longer.

Scott, I received your emailed friend request, but had trouble with the link.

When I finally got it, it said that it had expired or somebody else had used it. Not sure what happened.

But I think I know how to access it now, if you could maybe send it again?


I’m learning how to get Carcassonne friends and setup the game. I sent the invite to more than one person, didn’t know I shouldn’t do that. Every game is different. I need e-mail addresses from two other players and then I’ll get the game setup.

Sorry, I used it - didn’t realize only one person could click the link. I ended up with @KYakerDude in my friend list twice for some reason… not sure if we were GC friends before? Either way, I’m ready to go whenever…

I wonder what happens if you play a game with both of us? Can we team up together? I’ll bet I always lose at least once.

You are all setup in one of the games along with @geigerm and @irishdomer08.

I’m putting together two four-player games because we cannot play a 6-7 person game.

haha, I’ll have to click both of you when I get wifi later and see what happens!

If you can use another player… :slight_smile:

That one worked! Accepted (and you are also on my list twice now :slight_smile: )

I’m late to the party. Carcassone is the one game that’s never left my phone.
Expansion preferences:
Must: River, Traders.
Really Enjoy: Abbot, German Cathedrals, Inns & Cathedrals, Phantom
Games with 4-5 players should have the Double Base Tile Set, otherwise it just becomes a scramble for limited opportunities, in my opinion…

ID: JHTaube at gmail

I’ll play!