Legends of Andor makes surprise appearance on the App Store


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I used to own the cardboard version of Legends of Andor right when it was first released back in 2012. It intrigued me, but the gameplay wasn’t something my group would dabble in and, thus, it was sent away in an auction or trade. This was before I realized I was a friendless loser and held onto solo games like mithril. These days, it would have remained on the shelf and, perhaps, gotten some table time. I’d even considered re-purchasing LoA again just to give it another go. Today, however, saw the sneak release of LoA for mobile, so at least now I can try it on digital before I (re)take the cardboard plunge.

Legends of Andor is a cooperative (or, if we’re only looking at the digital version, solitaire) fantasy game in which player(s) control several heroes all trying to complete quests that are linked over several scenarios. So, it’s kind of a campaign game, but not the kind of thing that would take you months to wrap up. A session or two, then you’re ready to start over again at the beginning.

The digital adaptation is from USM, makers of the digital Catan games as well as a couple other less well-known board game adaptations, Ubongo and Kahuna. From the trailers and screenshots, they seemed to have spared no expense when it comes to polish. The game looks shiny as hell and sounds like it will scratch that solitaire fantasy board game itch quite well:

This epic fantasy adventure takes you to a fantastic kingdom full of magical creatures and brave heroes. 

Play a warrior, sorceress, dwarf or archer, and defend the king’s castle! Pass difficult trials, defeat determined opponents and protect the land from a dark secret.

Guide your group of heroes through twelve exciting legends in which new, challenging opponents and old companions await you. Choose your strategy carefully—you have only a limited number of moves to complete your quests. You can guide any legend to a successful resolution in several ways if you use your characters and their abilities to your best advantage. 

Delve deeper than ever before into the mystical past of the legendary kingdom and discover a previously unknown story of Andor that takes your heroes into inhospitable and dangerous realms beyond Rietland.

Play the award-winning board game solo and take your group of heroes on exciting adventures anywhere, anytime. The Legends of Andor: The King’s Secret provides an easy introduction with simple rules and an extensive tutorial, and offers Andor fans and beginners alike a challenging gaming experience.

The land of Andor needs your help! Can you fight off the new threat from the south? 

• Exciting fantasy adventure
• Single-player game
• New, epic Andor legends
• Familiar heroes, old companions, new adversaries
• Discover Andor’s past
• Straightforward rules and tutorial
• No Andor experience necessary to play
• Developed by the Andor creator Michael Menzel and games author Jörg Ihle
• Based on the board game The Legends of Andor from KOSMOS (awarded “Kennerspiel des Jahres 2013”)
• Can be played in English, German, French, Spanish

While this digital version is “based on” the Legends of Andor board game, I’m not sure if this is a copy of what you’d find in the box or something completely different. Considering the “The King’s Secret” subtitle, I’m guessing the story is different, but perhaps the rules from the board game remain in place? Having not played the cardboard version, I’m unable to say. If anyone out there has played the physical version and can comment, we’d love to hear about it.

Legends of Andor: The King’s Secret is available for iOS and Android at the links below:


Glad to see this game coming out digitally. The board game struck me as being in that weird purgatory of “cool enough to play” but “not quite cool enough to buy my own copy”.


Does anyone know if there is a generic/replayable legend in the game? I don’t mind campaigns, but I like when games have infinitely replayable modes.


I’d played only two legends thus far (the very brief tutorial and the Silver Stag) and haven’t encountered such a legend, yet. The game is tailor-made, though, for IAPs of additional legends.

The only random elements I’ve encountered thus far are die rolls and content within the fog. I will say, though, that this adaptation is well done and really brings the board game to life. Also, the map is gorgeous.


Did the same (tutorial and Stag legends…now into the witch one).
I never buy nor play two games together but I needed something more ‘serene’ than Alien blackout (which I’m loving) to play during daytime.
So far it’s glorious…probably the best solo boardgame implementation I’ve seen in a long while, probably since Elder Sign: Omens.
Loving it so far, plays great both on iPad and iPhone (no sync tough).

Back playing.


My goal today was the tutorial, which was rather brief and left a lot unexplained. Everything looms and runs great, though, and I’m looking forward to getting more into the game when I have a chance.


The third legend ramps up in complexity.
Really liking it so far.




I really like it after first three chapters