Leaders & Wonders expansion has arrived in Through the Ages


I’m in


I’ll play!


For those who have played the expansion - what’s the verdict?



In addition to the new cards simply being fun to play with, they add exactly what the game needed, which is just a little bit of variety from game to game.


It’s awesome. A bit overwhelming because it feels like you have to completely relearn the strategy w the influx of new cards. That’s a good thing though for those that love the game.


Haha, yeah, I can say I don’t have a clue what I’m doing strategy-wise. That’s a compliment to the expansion, though!


We have encountered a game-stalling bug where I proposed a treaty but every time my opponent tries to respond the game crashes. We’ve submitted a report, but beware that there might be some bugs that need to be squashed.


Aaaaand you made me buy it, finally. And it’s excellent (apart from a few little tiny buggy UI thingies which will doubtless be sorted soon). And the genius of being able to play with a random deck made up of the base and expansion? Inspired.

I was playing Carcassone on the iPad the other day, thinking how flawless it is, how beautiful it is, and marvelling at how long ago it was released. Same goes for Agricola. Fast forward 10 years, and I reckon TtA will easily be standing head and shoulders above a lot of the rest.


I’m curious what bidding rules everyone prefers? If only ever played with the digital rules but recently tried an AI challenge and kind of liked the traditional bidding method. I’m starting up a new game with my buddies with the tabletop rules just to see how it goes.


I’ve usually played with the digital rules in the interest of keeping the game moving - would be curious to hear how bogged down it gets using the tabletop ones.


I’ll let you know. My friends and I play asynchronous but at a decent pace, so I at least won’t have to wait days for a single bid. Whether or not it bogs down the game is yet to be seen.


I can’t imagine it affecting the game enough to be worth the time (unless your group is full of the type they like to overspend for fear of losing the auction. Otherwise it would just come down to whoever is first to get to the winning number rather than the first in play order to get to it.