Labyrinth: TWoT

I have Labyrinth and have no idea what I’m doing. Anyone else want to blunder around in the GWoT?

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I’ll play and answer any questions you have if you like.

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LOL how many games are you in?


I am happy to continue to get beaten up!

Invite me for as many as you like

@Snotty128 you made things very difficult in that last turn, gg!

Thanks for helping me understand the other victory conditions. The games starting to make a bit more sense now

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This is not an elegant design. Are the other COIN games more streamlined?

Currently blundering around vs @Hardco and @js619 - I think I see where the game should be going, thanks to both for their advice.

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The COINs have less randomness, although the insurgent factions always have a little dicey dice to them. Labyrinth precedes the COIN series, it’s a different bunch of designers.


Huh, I always thought Labyrinth was a COIN game by virtue of being a Volko Ruhnke design. Fair point that it isn’t so.

Still want a real COIN game on iOS as promised.


I think the beauty of Labyrinth is knowing where you want it to go, thinking you have a way to get there, and being frustrated by world opinion or the other player’s actions.

From watching / reading stuff from Volko I think it’s designed to be frustrating and sometimes random, it’s very representative of the actual GWOT

And the ugly side of Labyrinth is that a lot of turns are “I hope I roll 4-6”, and when you don’t, nothing happens!

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I’ve got 3 dice to hit plots on a one or two. The chances of me doing that are……zero, apparently. D6s are gonna do what d6s do

As for coin, the randomness comes from the deck. In theory, if you get screwed by the deck early, you know your good events will still be in there to come later